Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New Moon Labor Day Weekend

Well the Blue Moon was pretty darn awesome! 
We were a little worried that we weren't going to be able to see it at all because of the clouds that rolled 
up to Ohio from the storms down south.
 We decided to be patient, set up the camera, and enjoy a few blue moon beers until we caught a glimpse!
& what a glimpse we got! 

I think the clouds made the pictures even better!!
take a look :)

(I have not edited these photos or adjusted any of the color)

It was a fun night :) 

This weekend was the weekend of a 3 day Annual Festival
that we go to every year! we usually go all three days.. 
but were old and could only hang 2 days! 
We played a lot of black jack, ate some good food,
drank a few cold beers and sweat about 23 pounds off!!
Alter Fest for us is kind of like the official end of summer :) 
Boy I am glad to be ending this summer! it was way to hot for me! 
The weather was Iffy and it was still packed!

Lucy and I cooling off in the fan tent!

I was stacking chips :)

the lady on the left apparently though she was entitled to part of my chair as well! {super annoying}

I saw lots of these pretty card combos! 21!
We had a great time and celebrated a happy labor day weekend! 
I am glad to say goodbye to summer 2012!

September means cycle #4!! 
and one month closer to Christmas! 
My favorite time of year! Waffles is excited too 
she has been playing with ginger bread for the last week! 

I seriously can't make up this cuteness! she and ginger bread are inseparable!


  1. Thanks for the explanation about what a "Blue Moon" actually is...I was looking up at it and wondering why it didn't look blue to me! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  2. Those moon photos are so spectacular. I love them.

  3. Aw, cute doggie pics! And love your pics of the blue moon too - gorgeous!

  4. That's amazing! My hubby makes Blue Moon working for Miller/Coors, I love it!!

  5. Beautiful pics of the moon!!! It sounds like you had a great weekend. That random lady taking over your chair made me laugh :)
    Bring on fall!!!

  6. Haaaaa I'm surprised the lady who was taking over your chair left didn't get a talking to, especially if you were HOT. Did Scott take the picture?
    You sure know how to have fun!

  7. loving the moon pix!


  8. those moon photos are incredible!! you should frame em'!
    and the pup photos - ya - ya is my word for something that is so cute it makes me pop. lol.
    i was cracking up at the lady who decided to plant her ass on your seat - how rude!!