Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unsolved Mysteries..

Unsolved Mysteries
You guys remember that show?
I loved it! I am a wimp now and don't like to watch anything 
even a little bit scary.. I don't really know what happen to my 
fearless side? I guess it kinda died when I grew up? 
Oh Oh and do you remember rescue 911? 
that was my FAVORITE! I wish that show was still on!
I guess my fill in for that would be cops I loveee watching cops! 
I wanna be a cop! 
Did I ever tell you guys this? 
I seriously would kick butt at being a cop! 
every time I see one I don't get nervous I get instantly jealous! 
I would do it, but the thing is, I don't wanna go to school again
I don't wanna take tests and do physical training. 
I just want a badge, a gun and a fast car with bright lights :) 
I was supposed to go on a ride along with one of my co workers
son's who is a state high way patrol man! 
but plans fell through and I have yet to reschedule our ride :( 
Anyways I am seriously off topic! 
What I should be writing about is my unsolved baby shoe mystery! 
You guys I seriously don't think I will ever know where these 
tiny little adorable things came from?!
I questioned Scott for a good hour last night thinking maybe 
he was behind it, and after 5 years of marriage 8 years of being together 
I am pretty much certain I can tell when that man is lying. 
& Nope he wasn't he passed my grilling with flying colors! 
So the mystery remains.
I am going to leave you with this video that I saw once 
a few years ago. For some reason this video popped in my head 
yesterday while trying to solve my mystery. 
I'm in no way saying you have to believe it
but I think it's a cool story :) 


  1. Okay, this is seriously driving me crazy!
    HOW did they get there?!
    Now I know that when you were little you tried to trap Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. You built a trap for a leprechaun on St Patricks day with a stick & a cardboard box with a piece of green cake inside "so you could get his gold" You looked at me with the most horrified look in the world when you lost a tooth and I told you the Tooth Fairy would come while you were sleeping, take your tooth and leave you money. You said can't we just throw it out & Daddy can give me money so no one comes in my room while I'm sleeping?! Haaaaaaaa but.......a BABY FAIRY?!!! Even I don't have an answer for this one!!!
    WHO DID IT?! More importantly how do you trap the Baby Fairy?! This one even creeps ME out! LOL

  2. I love that it's still a mystery :) How fun

  3. I loved Unsolved Mysteries. My lil bro and I would watch it at my Grandma's house allllllll theeeeeeee time!

  4. i used to LOVE that show unsolved mysteries!!! i would watch it late and night and freak myself out and whenever i went to my nani's. that guy and his creepy low voice. haha!
    awww, who could it be?! who could it be!?
    have a relaxing night, gf!

  5. What an eerie video! And I hope you find where those shoes came from! Crazy story! Keep us updated!

  6. Those little baby shoes are so cute! How crazy that you have no idea how they got there! Keep us updated if you find out!

  7. Did you figure it out yet? I'm dying to know!

  8. LOL, I can't watch scary shows or movies anymore either (except for Law and Order - I love that one). And I can't figure out how or why I loved all of these mystery/crime/scary shows when I was younger and now I would much rather see a lovely romantic comedy. Romcoms are my favorite. :)