Thursday, September 6, 2012

la la la September...CD 1!!!

September Means…
 It's time to start cycle 4!
It's time to break out my fall air fresheners! 
It's time for the leaves to begin changing colors 
& falling from the trees 
It's time for sweaters and hayrides 
and cider with baked apples 
and my favorite of all...Festivals
This is going to be a good month :) 
photo from a run last fall

{CD1} 9/6/2012
That's right that little rascal Aunt Flo...
showed up a whole day early!! 
bless her little heart! ♥
I don't think I have ever been this excited to see her! 
she gave me a little preview last night but fully moved in this morning...So on the phone I was bright & early with Dr. B 
& here is the plan for cycle 4. 
 Plan 4a..
Tomorrow at 7:30am I will go in for my baseline U/S
and blood work..After given the all good we will begin clomid 
on Sunday..On Wednesday at 8:30am we will head to the hospital
for the HSG test the following week (17th) we will have 
an U/S measuring and counting my follies 
If* they are of size we will trigger :)
then the dancing begins ♥
Come on September please be our month! 

*Saturday September 8th will mark 6 months 
since we lost our third tiny baby
 I can't believe it has been half a year already 
I hope and pray that these past 6 months
 have given my body time to heal and recover 
and that it is now prepared to carry a child to term
 Have a wonderful weekend my Lovelies 


  1. YAYYYYYAYAYAYAYAYAAYYYYY!!! Hooray for AF (and this will be the last time I say that for a loooong time!) I'm so excited for you, and so hopeful :) Keeping everything crossed for an amazing, successful, stress-free cycle (Chloe and Felipe are too!) XOXOXO

  2. Okay this is the last time that I will cry (she said to herself 500 times) that last picture just got me. I am here, let me correct that we are here, for you and Scott. We are renewed, hopeful and positive! This WILL be your year.
    I'm settling in the backseat for the journey raring and ready to get to the destination and someday when we're holding Baby W, we will understand the journey.
    Love you,

  3. YAY YAY YAY! I hope your HSG goes well and that the rest you had will pay off!

  4. I love fall too and this seems to be the best time to make a baby! I'm cheering you on that this is your month!

    And PS your mom could not be any sweeter if she tried. I loved her post to you above. :)

  5. fall is so wonderful and romantic. i love everything about it!! yay for af showing up a day early. i love when she comes early when you want her too. i pray for you and think about you all the time and am so happy that you and scott are beginning this new part of your journey!! very excited for you!!
    keep the faith - i know you will :)
    tons of love

  6. I will be saying a prayer for you every day of this cycle. xx

  7. Yay for CD1! Boo for HSG. :( If you haven't been warned yet or haven't had a HSG test in the past...they can be VERY painful. I cried all throughout both of mine. The ibuprofen they told me to take beforehand was worthless.