Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Mystery of the Baby Shoe(s)

You Guys!
There is a baby shoe fairy!!!
{she comes and drops little baby shoes in your jewelry box each night you  do the BD!}

I swear the story I am about to tell you is true! 

I was getting ready for work yesterday and rooting through my jewelry box
to find the match to an earring when I stumbled upon a tiny gold baby shoe charm
with a garnet stone in the top, which just so happens to be my birth stone! 
So of course I was like hum that's weird I'v never seen that before!
wonder where it came from? asked Scott- he had no clue. 
So I figured I  need to add it to my fertility charm bracelet...

This morning I was on the hunt for a pair of gold earrings 
(which I hardly ever wear) 
and are you ready for this.... are you ready?! 

I FOUND 5 MORE!!!!! 

Seriously you guys I can not make this stuff up!! 
there are two garnet two green one orange and one lavender...

Where the hell did they come from?! What does it mean?!
and how the hell did they end up in MY jewelry box?!
So far I have called My mother-who has no idea
My mother in law- who has no idea
2 of my good friend (thinking maybe they planted them)-No idea
and my aunt who also has no idea!

This is My Beautiful Fertility Charm Bracelet :) 
Charms from left to right
The mystery baby shoes-from the baby fairy?
The stork-from my mom
Miracles tag-my mom
Angel wings locket with a tiny message inside that reads Miracles-mom
diamond cross- Scott
Kokopelli (fertility god) - My great Aunt Helen

Soooo Ladies If I figure out where the shoes came from 
I will certainly update!

{I hope this isn't like the time one of my friends took a picture in my kitchen
and added a ghost in the background and had me so freaked out
 that i contacted a paranormal investigator! true story...
I felt like an ass when I got the reply from the investigator
 that said umm that looks like its photo-shopped...
to my defense, it was a new house and I'm pretty sure we had
watched paranormal activity like a week before! }


Always remember...
Miracles happen, when you least expect!
Keep the faith!


  1. Ok this is amazing! How does this happen!? I choose to believe that you have a baby fairy that's stalking you although it's also super cute if someone cares about you enough to hide you little baby shoes around your house too.

    So strange though!

  2. This is so cute!!! Love the little surprises :)

  3. That gave me goosebumps. I LOVE the idea of a fertility bracelet!

  4. Im going with the baby fairy...#TeamBabyFairy!!! It's exciting!!

  5. That is darn cute! And fun! You're a lucky girl you have a fairy lookin' out for ya. :)

  6. Those. Are Adorbs. I wonder who the secret fairy is!

  7. Thank you girls! The mystery is still unsolved, grilled the hubs and he swears it wasn't him! I am still clueless!

  8. I can't wait to hear the end of this mystery! They are adorable, and your whole bracelet is very pretty. :)

  9. That's awesome!! You really cracked me up with the paranormal photo. It sounds like a prank my friend would try on me! :)

  10. omygosh, that is so sweet, alexis!! my first thought was your awesome mama...and then scott. awww, whoever planted them is one thoughtful person!!
    i was cracking up at your paranormal photo - i would think the same thing! lol!
    i'm looking forward to you solving the mystery! hope you're feeling well!
    p.s.- i love your fertility bracelet!! <3

  11. Wow that is have got to update us when you find out!

  12. So crazy! I wonder if a family member or friend planted the shoes and is now denying it. ;)