Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CD6..HSG Tomorrow..

CD6 and day 3 of Clomid down 2 days to go! 

Tomorrow morning is my HSG test, I will be taking the day off work to rest

Then Monday is our Follicle Scan! 

I am so Happy to be trying again! 

I hope and wish and pray every day that round 4 will be our lucky one!

Yesterday I was leaving the post office, when Dr. B's office 
returned my call. (I had some questions about Friday's appt) 
While I was on the phone I heard an old friends voice say my name!
I looked over and saw him in his car waving, I finished my conversation 
then got out to greet him! He said you want to see our newest additions?!
then opened the back car door. There sat two adorable boy girl twins!
When his wife came out we hugged and then she said, when are you and 
Scott going to have babies?! Funny I said, I was just on the phone with the 
Dr. and proceeded to tell her our story. She had the sweetest look in her eyes 
when she then said to me, those miracles in my back seat didn't come easy, 
I suffered 8 miscarriages before conceiving them! 
My jaw dropped as she told me the exact same cycle that we are currently in! 
She was on 100mg of clomid, hsg test, hcg trigger, heparin injections, baby aspirin, 
metformin, prenatal and progesterone when she finally got her twins!
Their story gave me hope, and made me smile the rest of the day!
Was it a sign? did I run into these wonderful old friends for a reason?
Is the universe on my side this time!? 
God I hope so! 


  1. Hoping this was a sign and keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. I believe in signs!! Here's hoping this is yours!

  3. I really hope that was your sign. FX!!!!! Good luck with HSG.

  4. Hope it was a good sign. Good luck with your HSG tomorrow.

  5. God is good- I love the little things He does to remind us HE is in control!!!

  6. I love that story. And that is my exact protocol! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great, uplifting story! I'm so glad you shared your story with your friend, and that she, in turn, shared hers with you. You just never know who has been affected by IF.