Sunday, September 23, 2012


Stopping in from ICLW? Welcome! 
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Another video for your viewing pleasure :) 
please try not to laugh too hard at my starting and stopping face... 
and for your own protection keep the video small, 
enlarging to full screen will only hurt your eyes and ears.. ;)


  1. Ohhh no dear you want to test and it's ony 3DPO! Remember, implantation doesn't even happen until 7-10 DPO. Hold off. Those tests are going to show your BFP and not your trigger! YOU CAN DO IT!!! FX FOR YOU THIS CYCLE!

    1. Oh yes I know, I think I was a little confusing in the video LOL! Yes no pee sticks this early lol I think I was trying to say I am already going crazy with the fact that it's only 3dpo! haha! Come on 2ww fly by already!

  2. yay for being almost a week in now!! i hope this next week passes super fast and your progesterone test goes great on friday! that's so awesome you have the color run to look forward to - i would love to do one someday!
    you are strong, alexis and you are gonna get through this next week. and if you test early, don't beat yourself up! i am praying SO much for you and scott!!!
    sending tons of love<3