Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You Can't Hide...Cause I Will Find You!

Ha! Gotcha! little hidden ovary couldn't hide forever! 
This morning was our recheck for follicle size
We were called back almost instantly, which never happens! 
I was told to undress and take a seat on the bed
and then the waiting began, 
It sounded as if a party was happening outside my room 
and I was sad I couldn't attend because of my lack of pants :( 
Scott was in the funniest mood today, as we waited 
and I pouted about missing out on the hallway party 
he began playing drums on my stomach and pretending to 
be the doctor, at one point I was laughing so hard I almost peed.. 
After about 15 minutes Dr. B came in and my date with 
Mr.wandie was underway.. Of course we found 
the right ovary almost instantly and there sat the sad little 
14mm follicle still measuring a 14 :( 
My lining was in his words Perfect at an 11! 
He said he was determined to find the left one this time 
so after 12 minutes of tortuous wanding  
( worst pain I'v ever had during a follicle check) 
He finally said "Oh look here!" 
then "Oh wait that's your bladder", 
"Ohhhhh look you see this?!"
"Here it is!"
"Wow this is a big one" 
boooooya! found you! I knew there was one the left! 
I just knew it!! Thank the lord he found it! 
We are set to trigger tonight! 
I may try and take a video :) 
Thanks for all your prayers they worked once again!! 
You girls rock! 


  1. Congrats on making it through your appointment with the extra poking and prodding...and a bigger CONGRATS on the 26 mm follicle! Wowza!

  2. Hooray!!! Great news! Praying Oct. 5th comes quickly and with a BFP!

  3. Yay! I am so happy that the left one came out of hiding, and with an excellent follicle!! Praying for a BFP : )

  4. Yeah for triggering!!!!! Glad they could find lefty this time.

  5. Yay!yay!yay! I am SO happy to read and see that beautiful follie!!
    So sorry you had to edure all that torture with mr. Wand ma jiggy!! Ouch!
    This calls for a celebration! :) have a glass or two of wine and put your feet up! So excited for you...and 11 is wonderful lining...that's exactly what mine was for this pregnancy! :)
    Love and hugs and prayers