Friday, September 7, 2012

An Ultrasound with Dr. B

these pretty socks are from Her Royal Fabulousness :)

Baseline Day! 

Our appt. was at 7am! wayyy to early for us! :)
Loving these socks!
My beautiful ovaries cooperating so far!
We were given the go ahead to start 100mg of clomid tomorrow! 
I got my prescription for the trigger shot as well as the heparin injections 
Dr. B did my ultrasound today and I love him a little more each time! 
He said everything looks perfect and we are ready to go! 
We are starting with 100mg and if we find on CD12 that my 
follicles need a boost we will do a few days of 150mg of clomid 
Sooooo... Here we go! 

P.S. My Insurance does not cover patients listed as "Infertile" 
making my ultrasound today a golden one with a price tag of $200!
oh and the trigger? $275 (I will be shopping around for this one) 
Each ultrasound with the RE DR B...$200.00
Please baby Jesus let us get pregnant this month!!! 
{I feel horrible for all the ladies doing IUI/IVF with little to no insurance coverage!} 


  1. Love, love those socks!! Yeah for starting...thinking of you, crossing my fingers for you!!

    1. Thank you!! I love them too! You should have seen them sparkling in the mood lighting :) Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Totally cute socks! I must look into getting some fun socks for myself for all my RE visits.

    1. For sure! All girls need lucky socks! I got mine from a fertility sock exchange with some blog friends! If I see another one pop up I will let you know :)

  3. Pretty pretty socks!! Great news today. Isn't the cost rediculous?! I don't even want to know what our running total is... Yikes yikes yikes. When it works it will be worth every pretty penny. We used a pharmacy in Ohio for buying our trigger shots... We used HCG. Is that what you are using? It ran about $50. I can get you the pharmacy if you want. Im hoping for a great month for you!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I emailed you back for the info!! Thanks again!! and a big congrats on getting your induction date set!!

    2. I didn't get your may have gotten tossed in my junk folder and accidently deleted. When we did injections/IUI's we used Barron Pharmacy out of Cleveland for our trigger. Their number is 1.800.362.7939. We ordered 3 (?) from them and had a good experience. For our IVF meds we used Asend Specialty pharmacy out of Portland ME. Their number is 1.800.850.9122. We had a trigger shot as part of the meds from them so I know they stock them as well. Both have websites if you google them. I just looked at our paperwork from ascend and our trigger was $66. It was for a 10,000 unit dose-I think we ended up halving it and only using 5,000- but that gives you and idea on price. Asend is a much bigger company and I was also very pleased with them. Shipping etc was free for both. I hope this helps!! If you need more info let me know or email me at I hope this helps!! It should save you a ton of money by the sound of it:)

    3. I forgt I write-both are specialty pharmacies that focus on fertility meds.

  4. Wishing you lots of luck this month!!!! FX FX

  5. Tap those socks & tell that soon-to-be fertilized egg, "There's no place like home!" (Home in your uterus, of course.)

  6. Praying so freaking hard for you two!!!!! You deserve this, and you guys look so stinking cute in your picture. Wishing you all the luck in the world ((hugs))

  7. Adorable socks! I am praying for you =)

  8. Sending you every single positive vibe I have! Good luck!

  9. Ahhhh, I love your socks! Such a cute idea! I love your spirit, Alexis! Reading this made me get a huge rush of excitement and adrenaline for you both! This is going to be a wonderful month!!
    I am hoping and praying that September is the magical month!
    You are always in my prayers, gf!!
    Have a great and relaxing week!!
    I will be thinking about you xoxox