Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Cooker, A Baker, A...Nope I haven't started making Candlesticks!

 A Cooker, A Baker, A...Nope I haven't started making Candlesticks! Allthough I am going to look into that because candles these days are so expensive!
Here in the past few weeks I have been a bit of a homebody. Well who am I kidding I am always a homebody! give me a blanket a couch and some form of internet access and I am good to go! I recently decided to do something with my time while the DH is at work. Last week I was going to be a "cooker"  but if you read my chicken post,  you will see how it was almost a catastrophe! Its okay I will try again! This weekend I decided to be a baker! Scott is the Director of a Youth Bowling Program on Saturday mornings, This week was their Halloween Party in which I supplied the cupcakes! I made a total of 106! Let me tell you...that is A LOT for a first time baker! now I have made brownines and cakes before for us or for family but this was the first time I had to make a large quanity of baked goods for people I dont know! Its kind of nerve racking, but yet exciting! I started out by cleaning the whole kitchen and disinfecting everything. Then of course I had to stack everything all nice and neat to get a quick photo of my products, after that I pre
Ready. Set. Bake. 
measured everything for the six boxes of cake that I would be mixing (its so much easier when you prepare first, and less of a mess later) then I began mixing and pouring and baking-repeat(x)6 after all 105 cupcakes were finished they sat out to cool while I kicked my feet up on the couch while I cleaned the kitchen again...including the mixer, putting everything away like I was done for the evening. NOT. Forgot about the icing! was all fun until I remembered I had to ice all 105 cupcakes that I had just been staring at for 2 hours. Scott got home just in time to help me, Being the sweet husband he is, he brought Starbucks! one swig of that put a little pep back in my baking step! So onto icing it was! the minutes turned into hours and by the time I had finished the last one it was 2:30AM! (Mind you we had to be at the bowling center at 8AM) tired we covered the sweet treats and zombie walked back to bed..It felt like we had just closed our eyes when the alarm went off, but up and out the door we were all cupcakes in tow. After the party, we ended up with 5 cupcakes left, which is pretty good considering I had a little freak out moment last night thinking that we weren't going to have enough! Below are the pictures of the procces and final product! Enjoy
♥ my KitchenAid
Just a spoon full or two or three

Time to cool

Perfectly Plump

Make the color just right

Happy Halloween! 

P.S. Last night while lying in bed about to fall asleep, DH rolls over and says, babe...
I signed up to bring cupcakes to work on Monday...
Looks like I will be doing this all over again on Sunday! %-) 

& yes I know the children's story title is a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker...but I have no desire to become a butcher and I simply do not even like the word...So rewritten by me is the story of a cooker, a baker, and not yet but soon to be a candlestick maker! ♥ 



  1. Great job!! You're a rea "sweet"heart for making them for Scott's work too!

  2. Great job with the blog - and the cupcakes too!