Friday, January 6, 2012

Negative Nancy...

As I was grocery shopping last night, I thought to myself, If only I could put as much effort, energy, and focus into being fit and healthy as I did to trying to conceive! If only. Well only is now and I am going to try it out! with my new found for now What will be...will be attitude I am going to try and focus on me a little more, and peeing on sticks and google a little less! with it being winter I tend to be more in Hibernation Mode  and I need to get my butt back in gear so I don't undo everything I did over the summer while Slimming Down ↓ to Plump up  ↑ 
I know I have 2 days till AF is projected to be here (I say projected because Oct was 33 days Nov was 37 days and Dec was 30 days) So who the eff really knows when she is suppose to be here! I am using the 8th because that is my red day on my iPhone app, the app I have been using for the last 14 months that is almost always on track, and also the damn full moon is due on the 8th and I always start on the full moon I know that sounds funny or even weird but its true, and when I was walking out of work last night I looked up and saw that the stupid moon was almost full...about 3 days away from complete..just in time for AF to arrive..(what will be...will be) I took a hpt when I got home, pretty much cause thats just what I do is pee on sticks and stare at them. And well, I walked away, got side tracked and went back in 20 minutes later to see this..(evap line dont get excited) 
 The bottom test is the test I walked away from, and the top test I retook because I didn't know exactly how long test 1 had been sitting and I didn't really know what to do with a pinkish line...Test 2 was clearly a negative. Of course I had to analize the spongy things to the right and how the bottom one was saturated but the top one was not, so did I put to much or too less? then I got tired of trying to figure it out and decided use one of the big boys...bad idea. 
after the whole 3 agonizing minutes the stupid words
not pregnant appeared.

I know that I still have a little time and AF has not arrived but I am starting to look toward the next cycle and quickly starting to forget this one. (what will be...will be) When I talked to the office the other day she said If I turn out not pregnant then I will be starting 150mg of clomid! that's a little exciting and a little scary...So many questions my mind has..but for now
I am ignoring them!


  1. Noooo! I was so excited when I opened the post and saw all the tests.

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I returned the follow.:) I know you have probably tried this already, but it is worth a shot to tell you anyway! I saw where you have long cycles like I do, mine were usually 33 days. My ovulation symptoms all aligned with my fertility friend calendar as well as my app on my phone. I would have egg like CM, ovulation cramps, EVERYTHING that would point to ovulation signs. My app would usually say my "big O" would be on like day 16-18. Also, I was using the test strips like you are to test ovulation and they were usually matching my calendars as well. (Those things made me crazy though). I broke down on our third month of trying and bought the digital clear blue easy that give you a smiley face and come to find out I was not ovulating until day 22! By that time, we had stopped doing the baby dance so our timing was WAY off! They are definitely more expensive, but maybe worth a try! I am sorry this comment is so long, but had to tell you. God bless and looking forward to following your journey! :)

  3. I know Rebecca :( damn it!
    Natalie! thanks for returning the follow! and thank you so much for the advice! I was always wondering if it was worth it to spend the money on those! I think I will pick one up next week! I have been wondering about our timing a lot this month because we did really good all the way up to and after, but maybe not long enough after?! I am excited to try out the smiley test! Thanks again! and Welcome! I look forward to following your journey as well!

  4. Errr.. How frustrating - Stupid Evap line :) If I can offer any good advice... My RE told me that when I pee on the Ovulation strips to use my 2nd or 3rd mornings pee! For a long time I always used first morning and I'd have a pink line for days... I was always missing the timing. When I changed the timing it worked on the first try for us, Good luck on the 8th - which ever way it turns out :)

  5. Thanks Crystal! I will have to try that for sure! it would only make since that we are missing the timing!