Thursday, January 26, 2012

There is Good News... & Not so Good News

Its Offical Jillian is having another GIRL!!! YAY!!! 


I am SOOO excited to meet this baby girl! 

Scott has shingles! 
Freaking Shingles! ON HIS FACE! 
I just cant believe it! I feel so sorry for him, he is in so much pain
It's awful to have a sick husband,  but a sick husband you can do nothing for
is the worst!

Brief story of How this came about
Last week he started complaining of ear pain, 
then sunday he developed a bump on his head
it was red and very very sensitive to the touch 
We thought it was an infected hair follicle, so we plucked it. 
Tuesday he went to our family Doctors office, our Dr didnt have any
openings, so he had to see the bitch Dr. C
I. Hate. Her. Always have always will she is an awful human being! AWFUL
Anyways she comes in the exam room
he fills her in
she glances at his head pushes on it once making him flench in pain
and says your hair follicle is infected put a hot compress on it
Here is an antibiotic, goodbye. 
stupid witch! She didnt even look in his ear!
yesterday he woke up with 3 lumps 2 around his eye and 1 on his eye
he thought maybe it was the infection moving out of his system 
until today when he woke up and it was worse!
I had him call the stupid Dr. back and tell them her lousy diagnoses must be wrong
the office lady said, Well you can schedual another apt. or you can go to urgent care..
HA. Really? Okay we are going to freaking urgent care cause your office SUCKS
So within minutes of entering urgent care we are taken right back
the nurse is as sweet as can be 
The dr. comes in and is also very very nice 
the first thing she does is look in his ear...what the other B should have done in the first place!!!
then feels the lump on the back of his ear, looks at his head and the lumps on his face 
she steps back and says
I'm sorry but you have SHINGLES.
HUH? What? I thought only old people got that?
what. the. hell. 
anyways she talked with us for a good 20 minutes about 
where shingles comes from and what exactly it is, how long it can linger 
and how painful it can be. 
She gave him 2 anti viral perscriptions incase the one was much too expensive
a pain reliever and a note to not return to work until at least Monday. 
SO there you have it, a perfectly health 28 year old man with shingles 
Poor thing :(


  1. Oh no I'm so sorry!! That sounds terrible! My grandmother had shingles and I know it was extremely painful. I am sending LOTS of get well (very!) soon vibes to Scott. I'm sorry you had to go to urgent care, but so glad that he got the correct diagnosis!

    1. Thank you! Me too I feel better now that we know what it is! Hopefully we caught it soon enough and the medication will do the trick!

  2. ohhh, i am so sorry to hear your husband has to deal with such pain. i've heard stories about shingles. he's lucky to have you by his side and to take care of him! i hope he feels better VERY SOON!!
    lots of love!! <3

  3. Oh no! Sick husbands can be rough...hang in there girl! Hopefully now that he has the correct meds he will be on the mend and feeling better soon.