Monday, January 9, 2012

Cycle 3 on CD3

I will be heading to the pharmacy after work to pick up my prescription of clomid. 
My. third. cycle. of. clomid. 
It doesn't seem possible that I am already 2 months down! 
Each cycle seems to be flying by! except for the last week of the 2ww
This month AF is quite a big stronger..So I am hoping its getting 
all squeaky clean in there to prepare for sticky babies! 
I did an awful job of temping last month. So my goal this month is to be on it! 
I have my phone alarm set for 6:45 every morning with the words TAKE TEMP 
I am hoping we catch the egg (or 2) this month. 
I also hope I actually Ovulate. and That we time it right. the end. 
what will be will be :) 
Soooo ready to get this show on the road! Bring on the hormones...


  1. I was MIA this past weekend, so I'm catching up on a few posts here... Darn it AF, didn't anyone tell you you weren't invited this month?! I'm sorry she showed, but I love your positive attitude. I have high hopes for you and your ovaries this cycle =) Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

  2. oh and ps: I love your new pictures!!