Thursday, January 12, 2012

CD6..Is it over yet?

Remember that post about these cycles just flying by...
Ya. I am not feeling it today! 
Last night around 2 I woke up to what felt like my ovaries playing tennis
swaying from side to side and just in pain. 
It just seems like I should be done by now. It should not be CD6 it should be CD11 and I should be 
having an ultra sound with great results.
But No. Instead I am stuck here on CD6 with 2 more nights of clomid to go. 
& the Crying has begun. 
Not really over anything 
just a rush of emotions and then tears. 
I am just ready to move past this part, I need to know how big my follies are 
& I am dying to pee on something! 
So.. quick story. 
Scott bought me this little bedside blessings book last week. 
for us to read each night. 
We are not regular church goers (we are working on that) 
and I usually don't buy things like this for myself.
but this book has been creepy in its daily writings. 
they always seem to fit my mood. 
Here is the one from yesterday: 
When was the last time you thanked the lord for not showing you the future? 
I'm convinced that one of the best things god does for us is to keep us from knowing what will happen beyond today. Just think of all the stuff you didn't have to worry about just because you never knew it was coming your way! 
psalm 31:14-15
Here is one from January 7th 
the day AF arrived. I was mad. upset. sad. 
How wonderful that god personally cares about those things that worry us and pray upon our thoughts. He cares about them more than we care about them. Not a single nagging, aching, worrisome, stomach-tensing, blood-pressure-raising thought escapes his notice. 
You can throw the whole weight of your anxieties upon him, for you are his personal concern. 
I Peter 5:7, Phillips 


  1. I think I need to buy that book--that's amazing how spot-on it is! Anyway, I hope these next few days fly by for you so it can (finally) be CD 11 and you can have an amazing follie scan =)

  2. It really is a good book! I will try and post a pic of it! Today is Follie check Day!! YAY!