Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lucky Number 4

F.O.U.R! I have 4 dominate follicles! 2 on each side!
We had a new ultrasound tech..
she was quiet, I had to keep asking her question after question
and her answers were vague
Here is what I got from her
On CD 11
My lining is a 3..she said this is because ovulation should be occurring very soon 
I have 2 dominate follicles on my right ovary..
One messuring 18 one 16..
a total of 19 follicles on the right 
It was like pulling teeth to get that info out of her! 
 The left...
also 2 dominate follicles.. both around 16! 
total of 15 follicles on the left
I was not happy with her at all, 
she was very nice, just not informative! 
She asked me what the protocal for my Dr. office was
I said well last month I called twice and a week and a half later I got a call back! 
She looked startled and said, let me speak with the Dr. before you leave
10 long minutes later she came in and said 
Well we cant really give you medical advice on what to do, but you do have 
4 Dominate Follicles (she said it with seriousness)

So I will fax the results over and hopefully they will call you tomorrow and advise you on what to do!

holy moly guys. 

I don't know what to think! 
Last month I had only 1 O.N.E big follie and it was a 17 
Now I have 4!
So what do you guys think the Dr. will say? Should I be expecting him to say don't do it this month? 

Cause to be honest If he says that I may just choose not to listen!

Look at my beautiful Giant follies!

Scott getting comfy in the Dr. chair

waiting for the nurse to come in!


  1. Omgosh, I can't wait to hear what your doctor says! I think my RE would have cancelled if she thought more than two would ovulate, but I never got to that point. I'm not sure, but maybe it's possible that by the time you ovulate, the 18 will have pulled ahead and you'll have one nice, big strong one! Keep us posted please =)

  2. That would be awesome! I will for sure update as soon as he calls!

  3. Sending good vibes your way!

  4. :) Thanks Ashley!

    Thank you Lacey! I added your button to my blog :) I am excited to follow your next chapter!! & I am happy you are following my journey!! Welcome!

  5. Wishing you nothing but the BEST, sweet lady!!

  6. Newly following :) Can't wait to read what happens....hopefully doesn't take long for the Dr. to call!!

  7. Thanks for following :) Still waiting on the call! (but it doesn't surprise me that they haven't called!) lol

  8. Four is a great number!!! Good luck:).

    1. Thanks Amber! I hope we caught at least one this month! :)