Monday, May 5, 2014

IVF on hold

It's been a while 
I just wanted to stop in and let you know that 
I'm still here, I'm still not pregnant. 
And I am still waiting for the approval 
to start our IVF process. 
12 days before I was due to start my period
the IVF nurse emailed me to let me know 
that I needed to lose 12 pounds before 
they would let me start treatment. 
andddd since losing 1 pound a day 
was not in my plain we agreed to hold off until 
I can safely lose the damn 12 pounds..
Joining a gym and eating healthy has 
done great things for my body.....
but now AF is no where to be found...
It's CD51. . . . . 
and I have 9 pounds to go..
so I guess if that 9 pounds disappears before 
AF decides to show we will be a go for IVF #1
If she shows before I shed the 9lbs we will have to wait 
another full cycle. So we shall see. 
Nothing is ever easy... 
Oh and. 
I already got the bill!  
"Just keep Swiming-Just keep Swiming-"


  1. U can do it! Hey u never know she might just show up right when u lose those 9lbs. Crossing my fingers for u... That everything will pan out the way it should.

  2. You got this! 9lbs will come off quicker than you realize, especially with your determination :)

  3. You've got this! Thinking of you my beautiful friend! xoxo

  4. Jeez talk about putting pressure on a person. I know you can do this though. In a short time you will be starting your ivf process!

    1. I know!! I couldn't believe my eyes reading the email that said I had 12 days to loose 12 pounds! what the hell were they thinking?!?

  5. I've been working on losing weight, too, and am having a lot of success with the beginner workouts at Laura is right - 9 pounds can come off faster than you expect, especially if you commit to drinking your water (half of your body weight plus 10% in ounces daily). You can do it!

  6. it probably feels so close, yet so far.. Good luck with the 9 lbs - you'll have it off in no time!

    1. You are so right! That's exactly how it feels -_- Thanks for the luck :)

  7. A quick and really healthy way to lose weight fast is to eat a plant based diet (vegan). If you did that for a couple weeks, I promise those 9 pounds would be gone EASY. In the first week of eating vegan I lost 5lbs. I didn't even exercise! I have pcos so it's hard for me to lose weight. Here's a blog that I used for recipes.
    Hope that helps! :-). Good luck! I'm praying for you.

    1. I checked out that site and I love it! Vegan could be really easy for me as I am not a big meat eater! The cheese will be my hardest let go! But I could do it! Thanks for the suggestion! I think I am going to try it!

  8. You are beautiful and your pets are adorable!

  9. Hang in there!!! I hate all those weight restrictions, it's really absurd! Here's hoping you get there very soon and the timing works out!

    1. Thank You!! It's so stupid! I am super short... like 5'1 on a good day, and I have pcos so weight is not in my favor.. they should have at least given me more notice!