Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thinking of you...

Today I am thinking about a dear friend 
and her husband Steve as they prepare to face their 7th loss
My heart is breaking for them, there is an empty feeling in my stomach 
as I think about how hard this time must be for them right now. 
Please visit Maria and leave her some kind words to help heal her heart. 

You are a friend whom I have never met, 
but you have touched my heart. Your kind words
and inspiring wisdom makes you one amazing woman
I am so happy our blogs connected our lives 
My heart breaks for you and Steve, you 
are the most deserving people in this world. 
You are loved and you  have a million and 1 prayers 
heading your way. I have faith that you will 
find your way through this and come out just as strong
as you always are. We are here for you Maria 
Anything you need, just ask. 
Love always


  1. Sending thoughts and prayers to her and her family!!

  2. Alexis, I just came from "ttcbabye's" blog in tears and now I am here, after reading your touching words crying out loud. Thank you, sweet friend! Thank you.
    You just made a very crazy girl feel amazing. I can't thank you (and your wonderful mom) enough for all your support along this journey. Even thought we haven't truly met, I feel like I know you so well...and that says something.
    I pray for you each and every day and night and think about you more than you know. And it makes me smile that our paths have crossed.
    Someday, we will eat sushi and clink wine glasses with our babies lying beside us ;)

    Thank you for all you share. And for being brave and honest and beautiful.
    Big hugs to you. (Give one huge one to your mom for me too.)
    lots of love to you and your family