Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just waiting

I promise I am working on the 
Derby Post! 

But today I am in a TTC Mood :) 

Not much to report.. Still waiting on AF 
next Thursday will mark 45 days, So if that 
day comes and goes with no AF then I will be calling 
for the magic period starting pill! 
Not that I want to, but I want to get the ball rolling
I feel like we are just stuck in limbo right now. 
I poas on Tuesday to make sure all the hcg was 
out of my system and it was. I hate seeing a bfn even when I know its coming!
But I am excited to jump back in the car and start speeding driving to our destination.
The process is as follows, waiting for AF (lovely fun) 
Blood-work, waiting for AF again, Clomid, HSG test, heparin class 
ultrasound for follicles, trigger, beta. 
Sounds easy enough, 
If only I didn't have to wait for stupid AF!
Not once but Twice!

But for now, I will be happily entertained! 
My cousin Jillian is due in two weeks, and I will be traveling 
down to the sunshine state for the birth of her second daughter!! 
& my friend Lucy is due any day now! 
She spent 5 hours in L& D yesterday, only to be sent home :( 
But he will be here by next week for sure!
These two upcoming births will mark my 5th & 6th deliveries! 
I could be a certified Midwife by now! lol..
hmm..Maybe I should look into that!? 


  1. Aunt Flo needs to get a move on it! Making ME anxious lol...5th & 6th deliveries?? I may need you to be my midwife one day, make a trip to Georgia!

    1. haha! I know me too, I wish she would just show up already! Bring her friends hang out have a party! lol..Yes 5th and 6th! Isn't that crazy! I love road trips! I would love to be your baby catcher! :D But Georgia is hot! So shoot for winter! :)

  2. I told you, you would make an excellent Doula!
    With all of the babies you have been there for you don't even need training lol.
    Love you,