Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Clothes Weekend

This weekend my mom and I traveled 40 minutes south of town 
to attend a HUGE baby sale! We got a hotel room at the Hilton
1 minute away from where the sale was being held :D 
Friday after work I picked her up and we began our "road trip" south 

I love 40 minute road trips!
It was great! 
we checked into the hotel, 
then did what all normal people do..
got in our beds!
and played on our Ipads, 
I took a nap
(that long car ride wore me out) 
As soon as I woke up I decided it was time to eat, so we ventured out for some food. We decided on 
Steak n Shake!
 I hadn't been there in years and mom.. well never. 
It was so good! We got our shakes to go and headed back to the hotel! 

 My Frisco Melt! Um I could eat this everyday!

Scott joined us later in the evening, he has been slammed at work (With his promotion he became the Art Director of his company which brought on a lot more work and a lot more hours) So anyway he met us later on after he was finished running the art world.

Mom and I got back to the room changed into our jammies and back to bed/Ipad"ing"
This morning we woke up around 7 to get ready for the sale! When we arrived 15 minutes early, the line was out the door! As the doors opened people began to walk/jog to the items for sale! the first room was toys, furniture, strollers, ect. the second room (where we went straight to) was clothes shoes and newborn items! 
I was the first one to the 0-3 month table picking up the cutest boy clothes as my mom 
ventured to the girl clothes! We ended up with 2 full bags which fit perfectly in a 
plastic tub! I think I ended up with a few more boy Items than girl but they are all adorable! We got in line, and I spotted my dear friend Angela she is a mom of 5!! 2 boys and triplet girls! I just love her to death she is the most adorable Mom ever! She runs this sale with other multiples mom's and I will say they did a great job! there was order and calmness to everything and My mom and I were in and out in 40!
That is some serious shopping! 

I am so happy we got to go! 
Thank you mom for all the baby stuff! 
and for a fabulous weekend! I will remember it forever! 

and Some randoms of the weekend :D 
Mainly of me and Scott being Silly 

 How was your weekend?


  1. What a fun weekend!! And score on all the baby clothes! Such a perfect way to fill the closets and drawers :)

    And now I totally want a milk shake...

  2. Lol!! Get one soon seriously! The milk shake was amazing! and the Shopping was a blast!

  3. What a fun weekend! 40 minute road trips definitely fit into my ADD!
    I can't wait for our next one! Let's go stay by the Outlet Mall! LOL
    Love You,

  4. Wow, look at you go! Jumping right in!

    1. Ha! you haven't seen anything yet! I have less time to plan for this baby then I did for my wedding! I don't have time to wait around worrying. This baby needs things! I am surprised the internet hasn't crashed with all my mom's online shopping! haha!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun and you scored some good deals! I'm so excited for you guys - are you telling people yet?

    1. It was a blast! & a pack of 8 brand new onesies for $.25 cents is a steal!!! We are waiting until next Monday (4/2) :D then we will begin telling those who don't already know!

  6. Score!! You did great at the sale!

  7. SO exciting, cant wait for the day I get my BFP! I am so happy for you and your family!! The sale sounded AWESOME & roadtrips are always fun! :)

    1. I can't wait till you do either! don't loose faith it will happen! Thank you very much! and I will be sending lots of prayers your way~

  8. you and your mom are so cute...i love that you're best friends too.
    it reminds me of my mom and i. it's great when you can tell your mother anything and have fun together.
    and it sure looks like you both had a blast! mmmm, that frisco melt is calling my name...good choice :)
    you got SO many sweet things! i love the photo of you with all your goods!
    so happy for you, alexis!
    and congratulations to scott...wonderful news!!

    maria <3
    thank you for all your sweet support!

    1. We did have a blast! It was great to celebrate and relax! Thank you so much! You the sweetest!