Thursday, March 15, 2012

My first...and second time being asked if I was pregnant

Yep you read that right. 
My first and second time being asked if I was pregnant happened today!
This morning when I got to work, a coworker came up to me, 
She couldn't take her eyes off my stomach as she asked..are you pregnant?
She is lucky I am or I would have decked her! haha. just kidding 
I don't condone violence..usually. 
Anyways she was thrilled, and then continued on asking about 
baby names and what sex I wanted the baby to be and what colors I liked...
I was done with the conversation and said, I'm not sure yet! and walked to my office.
I said it with my super nice voice so I wouldn't 
 hurt her feelings in avoiding conversation. 
I wasn't trying to be rude, I just wasn't up for the all the questions 
after being caught off guard
2 hours later...
I was getting my pedicure (since it is now officially flip flop weather) 
and the lady 2 chairs down from me heard me tell the man, no massage at the end please
She looked over and said O when I was pregnant I never got the massage at the end..
Are you pregnant? 
Yes, yes I am. 
Well how far along are you?
not very
Well when are you due? 
O my sister is due in October! what day in October?
the 13th..
O is that a Friday?
No its a Saturday
O well being pregnant in the summer is going to be fun!
yes, yes it will. 

This conversation seriously went on like this the whole time I was there! 
I was so annoyed! I just wanted to relax and enjoy my pedicure! 
and all I could think was, twice. twice in one day! 
I am really pregnant! and people know! 
Holy moly! 

Now. On to something controversial. 
I am back to 7 pounds gained. 
this scares me, I also read the book Belly laughs where 
Jenny talks about gaining 60 pounds!!!!!!!
This is not okay! 
It set off major alarms in my head! 
I am 5'2 and considered over weight before I got pregnant. I had about 
25 more pounds to go until I was "happy" and not considered overweight
Not only am I scared to death about the massive gain, I don't want an unhealthy 
pregnancy, I don't want  to increase my risk for high blood pressure, 
or gestational diabetes when I can try to avoid it! 
When I found out I was pregnant I was craving everything, 
everything bad, chicken pot pies, not bad if you have one every once and a while. 
I had one a night 4 days in a row! the ones from KFC
and Mexican food! you know how big those portions are. 
and sweet stuff, and just all around crap. 
But when I hit week 8 It was like a brick wall went up and 
food sounded disgusting, nothing sounded good! 
bread and cheese. anything bland was all I wanted! 
Week 9 (this week) I decided to force myself to eat the healthy food instead,
I brought myself back to when I did weight watchers
I thought about how good I ate when I followed the program 
and how much I loved the fresh food and how much I hated the processed. 
here is the controversial stuff.  
 I researched weight watchers and pregnancy...
lots of people saying do it! lots saying your pregnant have what you want! 
This is what I decided. I am going to follow it to an extent. 
I will add 6 points to my daily points allowance
which works out to 300 extra calories, 
exactly what every baby book says you need when pregnant. 
If I walk or do any exercise,(after 12 weeks) I will add points. 
If I have a crazy craving that I have to have, I will have it. 
and not count the points! I am not going to deprive myself of everything.
but instead try and make smarter choices. 
Some may agree some may disagree. 
but I truly believe if I don't have some 
sort of structure I will be just like Jenny. 
Gaining 60 pounds! and that would NOT be OK!

I started yesterday just taking it slow making little changes, 
for example:
I had a bagel for breakfast, a cereal bar for a snack
a huge salad for lunch filled with veggies
a fruit salad for a snack 
when I got home from work...

I wanted donuts but had a yogurt instead, 
I wanted fried okra but had steamed broccoli
I wanted crispy fried chicken, but had chicken bites.

I think the little changes here and there will help! 

I got an amazing email from my mom last night and one part stood out to me

Note that research suggests the environment in a woman's womb teaches a fetus what to expect from the world once it's born. Plenty of good nutrition conditions it for plentiful food in the world and programs it with healthy cellular and metabolic responses. Inappropriate nutrition, as when the mother eats too little or eats junk food, teaches the fetus that the world will be one of deprivation. This programs its cells to store calories as fat, and predisposes it to weight problems. 

Here is my picture from today, next to my picture from 6 weeks :)


  1. Oh girl... I know what you mean! I do hair and I swear when I get pregnant I won't be telling my clients until I can't hide it anymore because I don't want to have the same conversation 20 times a day.

    1. O my gosh! I couldn't imagine! I would go crazy! I always wonder when my hair dresser is telling me a story, how many times she has told the same story that day! lol!

  2. Love the belly pics :) your bump is coming right along! And yes I would probably get annoyed too!

  3. So exciting that your belly has a tiny cute bump now! :) My poor baby is in big trouble because I have been eating everything in sight dang it! It's so hard NOT to give in!!!! lol

    1. :D Thanks! It is sooo hard! When I got to work this morning my co-worker had donuts! I had to eat half since it was staring me in the face!

  4. Lucky girl! I still haven't had a stranger ask if I'm pregnant =(

    Cute belly!

    1. Thanks! I think It was totally the shirt I wore yesterday that gave it away big time, It was a maternity shirt from Target!

  5. Awwwwe. You got a cute little bump growing there :)) Super Cute!

  6. Love the picture, so precious! Thanks for the baby dust! Dont sweat any of it too much, you will be just fine :)

  7. hey pretty mama, i'm so happy to read this post and see those two sweet pictures at the bottom!!!
    your bump is so cute!! (and can i just say, wow, you've got a great tan!)
    i'm sorry you got bombarded by an annoying *none of your business* lady during your pedicure and had to deal with ?s at work. you handled it so well. and i think a punch or two won't hurt anyone ;)

    it sounds like you have a great approach with your meal plans!!
    i'm wishing you much luck and sending many prayers your way!
    i hope you and the mr have a sweet weekend!!
    maria <3

  8. don't worry, i gained 68 pounds with James.