Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 9 & The Dancing Baby

So here's the story. 
IF sickens you with worry. 
Constant worry. 
Thursday night I was a little anxious and felt a little stressed
 The next morning I began to panic, because stress is not good for 
my developing baby. So I was panicking over stressing. 
Not fun. I made a frantic call to my OB requesting an ultrasound
They got me in right away, actually the nurse said go get in your 
car and drive here now, this is the only time slot we have open! 
So I rushed downtown and made it in time. 
The tech was the nicest one we have had yet! 
She said she fully understands my panic and that it was completely normal! 
Thank God. 
I was nervous they would think I was a crazed pregnant woman
As the internal exam began my heart was beating out of my chest. 
Just as I was about to pass out, she said aw look! he is right there! 
see that bright flicker! there is the heart! beating perfectly at 178bpm!
O Thank God I said under my breath. 
He we will now start calling s/he (because of that wonderfully high heart rate!)
S/he was so much bigger! I couldn't believe it! I was just so over joyed I cried. 
She let me look at s/he for a long time, what felt like 30 minutes! 
Before she endend the ultrasound She said okay well do you feel better? 
(I think she was making sure it was okay to turn the screen off and remove the probe)
I said I feel a MILLION times better! Thank You so much! 
She even gave me two pictures! 
In the picture above I see a teddy bear! can you see it? 
and doesn't s/he look like s/he is dancing?! 
I am so in love! 
Now I just have to keep that beautiful image of yesterday's ultrasound 
in my head for 23 more days! 

Since I have never done a bump date before I figured 9 weeks would be a good time to start. 
I flip over to a new week every Saturday 

Bumpdate 9 weeks
I borrowed this form from Jesica at Just Smile and Blog 
(If you haven't already check her blog out!)

How far along: 9 weeks :) 

Weight Gain: +5

Maternity Clothes:  leggings a few tops and my new favorite old navy jeans :) O and some summer dresses!

What's up with my body: Nausea in the morning I try and eat something as soon as I wake up which usually makes me a little more ill feeling for a little while but after that I feel much better, I get up to pee 2 times a night. Sometimes 3. I have night insomnia some nights, which is so odd because I am the biggest sleeper known to man kind! CM everyday and occasional heartburn. 
But I LOVE every minute of EVERY one of these symptoms! This is what I have wanted for years~ and I am so happy to be experiencing it! 

Movement:  Too early But  I. Can. Not. Wait.

Gender: Oooo...I was so set on a boy! but since planning the gender reveal,  in my mind when I picture Scott and I opening that box of balloons in front of all of our family and friends I see pink balloons flying out...So now I am completely torn! and the HB of 178 yesterday, all my family flipped to girl.. haha basically I have no idea! 

What I'm looking forward to: Our 12w2d appointment with Dr. W! (only 23 days away!)

Bumpdate pic: I am in the middle of updating my chalk board so as soon as we are finished I will post the pics, from week 7,8, and now 9 :) 


  1. Thank. You. God.
    You have every right to be a nervous nellie. Just focus on that beautiful picture every time a doubt creeps in (Wait is this advice for you or me?) LOL
    I'm so glad they were nice and understood.
    Love you, Scott and Baby Bear W.
    Your Momma

    1. Lol! I am glad that she was nice too! It made it all so much better! Love you!

  2. I can so relate to that crazy anxiety you get before an ultrasound. I think I had it the worst through my anatomy scan, because as she was measuring every little thing, all I could think about was what the doctor had to say. I almost passed out too!! Glad everything looks perfect, and that is one AWESOME heartbeat. I am feeling like you're having a girl too!! My girls heartbeat was 171bpm at my 8w scan, and has remained in the 150-160s. So crazy to think that in just 10 weeks you will know for sure who's in there! YAY!

    1. O my gosh! I can't imagine that nervousness waiting for what they are going to say! Ahhh! that is crazy to think! 10 short weeks away! I love that your little girl has a nice strong heartbeat! I am still thinking it is a girl at least this week I am! Lol!