Thursday, November 17, 2011

Maybe Baby.....Next Month

Scott passing the time in the waiting room
Well my follicle check was today and here are the results:
Confirmation of PCOS
Uterine lining was a 5
Left ovary has about 20 follicles
Right ovary has 18
The biggest follicle (on the left) was only 9mm
The ultra sound Dr. came in and said that my lining looks really good and we just need the follicles to catch up. I will most likely have my clomid dosage increased for next month, but I am waiting on Dr. W to call me tomorrow and let me know for sure what are next plan of action is.. Any thoughts or advice? small follies?
I wonder if I can write Mrs. Duggar and see how big her follicles are...I bet she doesn't event know.


  1. Sorry about the PCOS confirm.....

  2. My promise to you~
    I WILL NEVER SAY~ My Neighbors third Cousin's Husband's Sister's Mother-in-Law quit "trying so hard" and got pregnant with twins, delivered them by herself with no medication AND was so upset to find out she was pregnant at her six weeks check up...
    Just relax...
    It's in God's hands...
    Just tell your Husband to wear boxers...
    Your day will come...
    You just need a vacation...
    Just be patient, it will happen when it's meant to be...
    I WILL~
    Hold you back as we encounter the next 14 year old pregnant girl and any friends that went off of the pill after 25 years and got pregnant on the first try...
    Use a zapper on you when you hear the question what is a polycystic ovary?
    Help you glitter and craft your stock pile of PT's
    Cry with you cuss at the world with you
    and most of all put on mascara with you until we feel better!!
    Love, Momma

  3. Thank you Rebecca, it totally sucks but at least it all is starting to make sense!

    Momma! That was an awesome comment! I love it! thank you so much for being one of my biggest supporters! :) I love you!

  4. I'm sorry your follicle check wasn't ideal :( I know how disappointing that is. Did your doctor say if there was a chance they'd keep growing this cycle? It's still fairly early, right?

    PCOS can be really frustrating, but hang in there. Your lining is a really great sign, and the fact that you have so many follies is too--I think it's just a matter of finding the right drugs/dosage to make them grow. Whenever I had a follicle scan like that, my favorite ultrasound tech always said, "Just remember, some women don't even get one tiny follicle, so you're already ahead of the game." Big hugs. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Thank You! That makes me feel so much better! I like to feel ahead of the game!~ Dr. W was a no call today, I am a little frustrated that he didn't call, but I did call to talk to one of the nurses who said that they had not received the paperwork yet. She said just keep doing what I am doing and he will call as soon as he gets them. The Dr. yesterday acted like this was not going to be our cycle but I thought the same thing about it being early on. Maybe they will check them again or maybe he will just up my dose for next month? who knows! this is all so new to me. I wish he would just call and tell me what he is going to do! I need his cell phone number on speed dial!

  6. Sounds like it's still early in the cycle? I got pregnant on my 2nd cycle of Clomid and I didn't ovulate until Day 29, so hang in there, they might just be slow growing! The cycle's not a bust yet =)

  7. Thank you :) I needed to hear that its not a total bust yet! It was early, He had me checked on CD11. I am wondering if he will do another one later on? my cycles are 36 days apart so I usually ovulate later. Guess I will find out Monday! I sure hope they call me early or they are going to have one annoying caller on their hands! lol! have a great weekend thanks for the encouagement!

  8. Want me to buy you those sparkly gold shoes to cheer you up?!!? Love to you both.

  9. :P I do love sparkly! and gold! :)

    ♥ you~

    they still haven't called! I wonder what they could possibly be doing that is more important then calling me!