Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Dance!

Tomorrow is the Day! I finally get to take the first of the little white pills that have been staring me in the face since I got them! I also talked with the nurse today and made my appointment for my follicle check! wooowhooo! (Praying for good news from that!) keeping the positive thinking on track and trying to not be overly excited! Also Happy Dancing for finally finding a name for our boutique! and being so many steps closer to opening! Just wait till you see the things we have in store for your little ones!  & my last two step of the happy dance goes to...The count down till our much needed vacation!! 17 Days till we leave! I will be Dancing the night away with all this excitement! 


  1. Yay for happy dancing!!! I hope your follie check goes well today!

  2. Thanks! Follie check is the 17th, today was 1st day of clomid! I felt a little dizzy earlier but I am fine now! :)

  3. Keep your positive thoughts going! Your little miracle(s) WILL come!
    {not too much dancing, I don't want your eggs to scramble} ; )