Saturday, February 11, 2012

I am "resting"

Laying around is great! 
until you've layed so much your knee caps hurt! LOL

I am just so insistent on "resting" right now
I want our tiny baby to grow grow grow! 

I can't believe we get to see tiny baby in 6 days!
I pray that the appointment goes well and we can see and hear what we should

I have a lot of emotions going on
one minute I am feeling over the moon! The next I am worried!
oh and the annoyance! Holy moly! the littlest things get on my last nerve! 
only momentairaly, 
but still! crinkle that bag one more time and I might cut you! 
I am doing a pretty good job of staying positive keeping my thoughts positive and bright!

I know I have mentioned him before but Andrew Johnson's apps
are Amazing!! 
He does hypnosis and the Pregnancy app is just awesome,
it really relaxes you and keeps you thinking positive!
if you haven't checked him out I recommend you do!

um in other things 
I have been on and off crampy
which I have read 1million times is normal but will continue to worry about
I am blaming most of the crampy feelings on constipation Ewe. 
I am pretty sure I need to invest in a bed pan! the peeing is ridiculous! 
although I am loving it because its a pregnancy symptom!
O My and  I am Bloated like woah!
it's seriously embarrising to say that my jeans are now equipt with a nice little rubber band 
& I made a stop by target today to get some new comfy pants! 
I just hate squishing tiny baby in tight yoga pants so now I have some nice 
super stretchy momma pants! I have a feeling I will be living in these! 
No real cravings yet, just the fact that I can go from slightly hungry
to feed me or I will scream in like 2 seconds! lol..

So ultrasound in 6 days! I can't freaking wait! 
I am continuing to pray
ever second of every day that I continue to grow a healthy happy baby! 

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend! 

Please say a few extra prayers for my friend Julia 
over at TTC Baby E she is in the hospital trying to keep her twins in as long as she can

I wanted to Thank Crystal over at The Redhead Files 
for the shout out! 
she is too sweet! and has one pretty awesome blog! stop by and check her out!


  1. You'll quickly learn the difference between constipation/bowel related cramps and cramps in your uterus over the coming weeks/months. Sometimes I really have to concentrate on them, but you can definitely tell when the cramps are coming from your intestines after awhile. Good luck with the next 6 days!

    1. O good! so these cramps last...mmph lol.. As long as it's a pregnancy symptom I will take it! they have been getting better actually I have added a lot more fiber to my diet and it really is making me feel better! hey now its only 5 days! I cant freaking wait!

  2. Unbelievably stoked for you - yay! Rest up as much as you can. :-)

    1. Thank You! I am a great "rest'er" lol! keeping my feet up for a while!

  3. Huge congrats on the great news!!! Rest up mama!! I had lots of cramps up until week 6. They seem to have calmed down now that I'm in week 6. Very happy for you! Can't wait to hear about he ultrasound. Stay positive!!

    1. Thank You!! I am glad your cramping calmed down! I have noticed mine are worse at night? on and off and depending on how I lay sometimes! I am looking forward to week 6! Hope they start to fade away! :D

  4. Rest up :) I'm sending you tons of sticky vibes!!

  5. So happy to hear you're relaxing!! Those pants sound fabulous!
    Those apps sound awesome...I will have to check them out!
    So very happy for you, and so excited to follow this new chapter in your journey!
    Much love to you, hubby and baby!
    Thank you for all your support!

    1. new pants = amazing! lol.. And def. check out the apps! he has a bit of an accent some don't like but I love it, my husband and I listen to one every night and he even has one for power naps! its great! Thanks for the love! Sending some back to you as well!