Thursday, February 16, 2012

24 hours...

Only 24 hours till we get to see BABY!! 
Holy Moly I am EXCITED! 
So you know my favorites board all the Mexican and Hot Sauce Love 
 Well it has now produced: Heartburn!
Let me just say wow! I had one spell that was so strong my eyes were watering! 
But I am not complaining! I am HAPPY because it is a symptom! a good one! 
I could seriously eat Mexican food everyday right now! it just sounds so damn good!
I have been picturing tomorrow in my head all week, how its going to play 
out, how I am going to cry like a baby, how I want Scott to video tape it, and 
the look on his face when he sees our baby! {Heart Melts}
I Can. Not. Wait. 
but can I just said I CAN NOT believe its already Thursday! 
I think my "keep busy" plan worked! 
If I can make it through tonight! lol


I discovered these this week..
Every Pregnant woman needs these in her fridge! OMG they are so good! 
Now If they would just make the spicy ones in snack packs I would be in heaven! 

We watched baby Mia last night! who is turning into more of a toddler! 
She is so adorable! 
She loves to sing the itsy bitsy spider! 
and she loves her grapes! she knows sign language and she can say more 
so she is always saying/signing more more more for more grapes! 
too dang cute! 
here are some pictures of her visit! 

Oh and here are a few blurry photos from VDAY 2012 :D 

Happy Thursday everyone~

Because they work..Continue to say your prayers :) 

Much Love. 


  1. ME too!! I can't wait either :) I hope everything goes perfectly!!!

  2. Cant wait to hear all about it :)

  3. cannot wait to hear all about it! I am so excited for you guys!

  4. At about 5-7 weeks I was also craving Mexican all the time! Be ready for the heartburn no matter what you eat :). Praying everything goes perfect today!

    1. Yippy! lol! and How funny I just had some nachos for a snack before lunch! I just cant get enough Mexican! even if it burns! haha! Thanks for the prayers!

  5. i have some catching up to do, so i am starting with this post and working my way up to your newest! :)
    i always love your photos...mia is adorable. it looks like you guys had so much fun with her.
    um, those baby pickle packs are awesome...thank you for sharing! i've never seen them before!
    uhhh...i could eat mexican food every day for the rest of my life! i love it!!

    thank you so much for your sweet words and all your encouraging words on my last post! and thank your for your prayers, pretty lady!
    maria <3

    1. :D Thank you! those pickles are a must! and Mexican food is just soooo good! I can't get enough! lol!