Sunday, February 26, 2012

7 weeks 1 day

7 weeks 1 day :) 
another day closer to seeing our beautiful baby and its beautiful heartbeat! 
I am super excited! 
So far week 7 has brought 
less cramping, almost none at night now! woowhoo
on and off boobie pains and nipple soreness
increased peeing. 
a uti. 
increased cm. 
and cat nails. 
wait maybe I already had those? 
I am feeling good! I have an appointment tomorrow morning at my OB office
my first prenatal appointment! I am kind of nervous but more excited. 
I know it probably wont be that exciting but I have never been before and I 
am excited to be going through the process! 
I have a long list of questions
my main one being 
can I take a bath yet?! lol.. I do shower I promise 
but my new huge tub with 6 jets is calling my name. 
I have read so many things that say, its fine, and its not fine at all. 
So I am just going to ask the nurse and maybe another nurse and the Dr. 
just to be sure. ha. 
Oh and listen to this! 
I have a rash! haha! another flipping rash!
I think I have tracked it back to the body butter I just recently bought
its real light when it goes on so i decided to scrape out clumps of it 
and smear it all over my stomach and boobs. 
two days later, rash. bad rash, super super itchy rash!
do you know how hard it is to not scratch your boobs in public?
Hard. Waiter looking at you like you are crazy,
 only to realize your hand is in full scratch all the way down your shirt. 
ya. that happened. I couldn't help it! I was itchy! 

In other news,
•Scott and I went to church this morning! 
it was nice to go, I felt really good when I left, and the new place is huge! 
and really cool. I think we are going to try it out a few more times before we decide
to make it our place.

•Scott's freelance business is booming 

•The house is coming a long, trying to finish up some projects 
so we can get an appraisal and see if maybe we can move before the baby gets here! :) 
I am excited and sad at the same time, I do love this house. 
We poured our blood sweat and tears into this house, and have made it our home. 
It is a 3 bedroom 21/2 bath bi-level 
but we are already outgrowing it and I think when the baby comes 
we will be crowded with all the stuff we already have plus baby things. 
I found my dream house online a few days ago, in a beautiful neighborhood 
right in the heart of the city I love, in the school district I want my children to go to. 
the next morning I got online to email the seller, and the status had flipped to
off the market. :( 
O well I guess it wasn't meant to be and I will keep looking, since we did so much 
(knocked down walls, ripped out all carpeting, removed and painted all doors
painted kitchen cabinets from nasty brown to pretty white, installed hardwood floors, 
gutted the master bathroom and much more..) 
I now am looking for a house that is perfect, 
that has everything I want in a home and somewhere where I will never
 have to paint another damn cabinet again in my life. :) 

•I will update after my prenatal appointment! 


  1. Wishing you the best at your appt. today!!

  2. Yay! Excited to hear about your appt, I'm sure everything will be fine. And PS I've taken a bath every single day of my pregnancy, don't deny yourself, baths are awesome.

    1. Yay! I got the super duper okay on the bath! I cant wait to get home!

  3. Hope your appointment goes well! I would like to say the increase cm goes away...but it because a part of the 'experience' as my OB says

    1. It went great! and yay for cm for the next, well forever haha!

  4. Aaaah. I'm sorry I missed your BFP announcement! The last post I saw was your blank digital test. I've been moving the past couple weeks and relying on the Reader on my phone--none of your posts have been showing up, I guess! I'm so excited for you. Congratulations! I hope you have a nausea-free happy and healthy 9 months! <3

    1. :D It's okay! I read that you were moving! How is that going? So far so good on the nausea! knock on wood!