Wednesday, February 29, 2012

7 Weeks 4 Days

7 weeks 4 days! :) 
• This weather is C.r.a.z.y. 
• I love being pregnant
• I am nervous but excited for Friday! 
• My chain I made is getting smaller :) 
• Smells are starting to make me nauseous 
• I feel a wave of nausea after almost every meal 
• I have gained 7 pounds :-/ 
• I am definitely showing already and wont be able to hide it 
from coworkers much longer
• I am tired. really tired. 
• I have weird dreams, really weird dreams. 
• I am excited for March to be over already :) 
• My mom and aunt are taking baby Mia back to Florida today
~ Please pray for their safe travels

• I love all my blogger friends and am proud to have 50 followers! 
• You will hear from me again after my ultrasound Friday! 
Prayers greatly appreciated for a smooth day with a healthy heartbeat! 


  1. Prayers for an amazing ultrasound! :)

  2. Yay for nausea! Can't wait to hear how Friday goes!

  3. Oo those preggie dreams will drive you bananas! Glad you're having all the "good" signs of pregnancy :)

  4. The photos of Mia are beautiful! She's such a pretty little girl!
    I'm just catching up after being away!
    Can't wait to read your other posts!