Wednesday, February 22, 2012

6 weeks 4 days and a Proud new Snoogle Owner!


Holy Moly girls! this is a MUST! 
My Mom bought me one today!

The best pillow ever.
GO buy one right now! 
I am serious get up and go! well don't get up! send your husband! or mother or brother 
or the ups driver! anyone! just get yourself a snoogle! 

Not much else going on around here, 
Yesterday I experienced a pulling stretching pain in my groin area that felt like 
bladder infection pain, It was still present this morning so 
 I called my Dr. this morning and they sent me to the lab
for a culture and called me in an antibiotic that is safe to take in early pregnancy 
after taking one pill I feel better! So I am guessing I had the starts of a uti or bladder
infection, which I read is common in pregnancy and starts around 6 weeks 
I also feel a little nauseous right now, which is awesome! I have wanted 
to feel another pregnancy symptom and I think I got my wish. 
It's not real bad but its there enough to make me not finish my bowl of pasta..
which never happens! haha!
SO I played around today with the Chinese Calendar 
and all 10 sites I found said BOY! 
which is funny because ever since I found out I had a feeling it is going 
to be a boy! and when I told my Oma she referred to the baby as a HE! 
she said wouldn't that be so fun if you had a boy! 
So BOY it is according to the Chinese Calendar! 
Has anyone else played with these? Did you get accurate answers?
I have a friend who is on her second baby that had correct predictions with both
So I wonder if it really works? 
•○•○• Upcoming Mini Milestones •○•○•
2 more days till 7 weeks!
 9 more days till our ultrasound! 
38 days till 12 weeks!!! 


  1. Chinese gender says mine is boy and at the beginning of my pregnancy I wholeheartedly agreed, now as the bump is making an appearance I'm leaning toward girl. We have a whole 5.5 more months to speculate!

    1. Lol! true! Are you not finding out the sex? How fun! I want to do that but Scott wants to know for sure!

  2. Do you have to be pregnant to own that pillow? LOL :)

    1. You sure don't! :) I got mine at Burlington! so it was 25 dollars cheaper than Target! Let me know if you need me to pick on up for you! :D

  3. Haaaaa I agree Lenna! After seeing the Grandma in the advertisement I want to be a snoogle owner too! I might add that to my shopping agenda today.
    Happy Snoogling Alexis!

    1. Everyone must own a snoogle! :D I should be a snoogle spokeswoman! lol

  4. Oo that grandma picture really sold me ;) My Chinese calendar said boy, during the 12wk ultrasound I started calling baby "boy", and all of those wives' tales pointed to boy.....but its a GIRL!! I wrote them all down in baby's journal so we could laugh about it later :)

    1. Oh my gosh!! how funny!! So the Chinese calendar was totally wrong! That is good that you wrote it all down! it will be funny to look back on!

  5. Your Mom is such a sweetheart!
    Ohhh, I want a snoogle and I'm not even pregnant!
    I want one for the cats too! Hahaha
    Yay! I'm so glad you're feeling those reassuring symptoms! :)
    I always look @ the chinese calendar!
    They're fun!!

    I'm off to catch up on your other posts!

    1. I am telling you go buyyy a snoogle!!!! lol..The cats would love it too!