Monday, February 13, 2012

Keeping Busy! 5wks2days :D

This week I am determined to keep myself BUSY!~
I woke up this morning wishing it was Friday! 
Not Good. Cause it's only Monday! 
Tonight I am going to bake some Valentines sweets and make my love a card 
then Eat. and Bed. 
Tuesday I will be going to my Mom's to visit with Mia! who is in town for 2 weeks
then Eat. and Bed
Wednesday Scott and I will be watching Mia while her grandparents go to a basketball game 
then Eat. and Bed. 
Thursday Scott bowls! and I will be shopping with mom! 
then Eat. and Bed. 
Then WALAAA it will be FRIDAY! 
and we will get to see tiny baby! 
Speaking of tiny baby! I got my first nose bleed this morning! 
Oh and last night I woke up about every half hour so parched I couldn't swallow! 
it was quite scary but after about the 3rd time we figured out it was the heat!
so we turned that off and walaa I slept for 2 hours! 
I don't sleep a full night anymore, which doesn't bother me cause its just the baby making me pee 
Sometimes I feel great! No cramps nothing, but then I worry! 
then the cramps and sore nipples come back and I think why was I worried?!
Everything is going to be great! I feel it. I know it. 

Our weekend was lazy for the most part, I worked Saturday morning
for about 2 hours 
and came home ate and went back to sleep :D 
I worked on my blanket, which I am afraid may be the size of my living room 
when I am finished! 
lol. I tell myself its okay the baby can use it on the floor, or to make a huge tent with one day! 
Sunday I woke early very hungry so Scott took me downtown for breakfast! :) 
Then we went to a local flea market, for a total of about 10 minutes! 
haha. It was the pregnant woman in me!
I couldnt stand it! too many people...way too many people!
and Junk! just plain junk! So we left :) 
We decided to go over to the new outlet mall! (more my style) 
but that was also flooded with people so we drove around the whole building and decided to leave
Then we decided it was time to eat again! So we went to a local
hamburger stand downtown called The Hamburger Wagon!
Oh My they are Fabulous! 
Here are a few photos from our weekend! 
Sleepy Bears
Scott with the silver back at the Flea Market
Animals at the Flea Market
Hubby made dinner! Fried chicken potatoes and
 Mac and Cheese a true man meal
Homemade raisin meatballs MmmM


  1. I'm like three posts behind but YEA!!!! Congrats on your BFP and a sticky baby :) Everyone says it goes by so fast (I rolled my eyes) but it really every second of it!

  2. So excited you get to see your little babe on Friday! Hoping the week goes by fast for you! Your hubby makes pretty yummy looking suppers!

    Bennett Love

    1. He sure does! and Thank you! Monday is almost over! lol..

  3. I'm with you!! I cannot wait for it to be Friday! Now I have another thing to look forward to...your ultrasound :) I.remember worrying about every little symptom (or lack thereof) too. It sounds like you're doing really well though! Stay hydrated and keep us posted!

    1. :) I will for sure! you keep us posted too! I think about you and the babies everyday! Lots of praying going on around here! :D

  4. You've got a great routine there going, girlfriend!! I love your positive attitude. I feel great things for you!!
    All the amazing food photos are making me even hungrier than I already am! That man meal looks so stinkin' good!
    You'll remain in my prayers!! Can't wait to read Friday's post!
    Rest up and take it easy, pretty lady!

    1. :D Thanks! & I that meal was fantastic! Thank you for the prayers!