Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Worst HPT on the market

just wanted to get that out there before I start 
ranting so your not reading the whole time going 
"is she pregnant? is it positive" 
Nope Nadda Negative... 
AF is still a no show, I am currently on CD37! 
I figured she would be here by today 
but I don't have any signs or symptoms that she 
is coming! No cramps no sweet cravings 
So I took an HPT today
Kroger brand to be exact. 
this is the WORST test ever! 
It is a (+ |) test
so (- |) is negative 
and (+ |)is a positive.. 
confusing to start. 
But then get this the first - is SUPER light 
and the second one is SUPER dark... 
I took 2 of these and got the exact same results
So if both the (- |) are considered "control lines" 
shouldn't they be the same shade? 
and it has this stupid plastic window covering that makes it even harder to see 
if there may be a faint vertical line. 
the only plus to these tests is that they are super easy to take apart :) 
ya ya ya I know don't take them apart. 
but lets be real all POAS addicts take tests apart 
and the easier the better! 
So my friends. 
Here we are...waiting. 
for my period so we can wait for 4 more weeks to do our IUI
to wait for 2 more weeks for a beta test
to hopefully wait 40 more weeks..
for a baby!

This ish is ridiculous! 

Yes I used FMU and I even used a cup so I could be sure the tip 
was completely submerged for the correct amount of time..
Look at that flipping control line! That is just crazy! 
Never. Ever. buy Kroger brand. 


  1. Looks like a bad test to me. The test line isn't even pink. I used a test similar in my earlier days of ttc and read it the wrong way. I thought since each window had a line I was pregnant. Then I had to tell my husband and sister that I didn't understand this particular test. Ever since then I am a FRER girl.

    1. Ahhh I was wondering if it was bad, but when I took the second one it did the same thing! I wanted a FRER but I just hate spending the money on it! lol! I think I may just have to stop after work and get one! Thanks for your comment :)

  2. Do you listen to the Bitter Infertiles podcast? They had a good podcast (maybe episode 19?) on pee sticks. Which ones are the good kinds, when to test, etc. They also were talking about a website that has recommendations on pee tests.....

    I hope AF shows up soon for you!

  3. Sorry girl! I never use anything but Wondfo's. I figure if one of those looks suspicious I'll go pay for a FRER. Hope the time goes by fast for your IUI!

  4. Ugh, I'm so sorry for the crappy hpt reading. I hope af shows her face very soon. I pray for you every day/night...I'm hoping the next month brings you af and lots of relaxation before your IUI! Love and hugs xoxox

  5. I have a bunch of wondfos if you want them! If you email me your address I'll send them to you.

  6. I can tell you that I will never, ever buy Clearblue Plus very clearly positive was a very BFN. My hcg came back at 0.1. ((Hugs)) to both of us! Xo

  7. That is crap! I'd be so irritated!

  8. I'm sorry, hun! I hope AF shows for you soon.

  9. My goodness! Came to thank you for stopping by our blog and found myself fascinated with your strength of three angel babies and a whole bunch of waiting and crappy pee sticks!! Lol! I will be praying for you guys!!

  10. Prayers and many blessings for you two!

  11. Yes I hate those too! I <3 Answers or First Response!!

  12. Crossing all fingers and toes (which is gross, I hate feet!) and PRAYING hard that it all works out!!

  13. I know all about the taking tests apart... I'm so guilty of that. Also, tilting it back, and forth. I actually tilted my laptop screen forward, and backward trying to see a vertical line... which I must have line eye, because I swear I see one. I'm awful, really. At least you don't hoard internet cheapies in your bathroom cupboard.
    What a crappy test though, seriously. Was there any dye in it at all? I've never seen a control line so faint. I hate how expensive first response are, but you get what you pay for I guess. Although, I'm a huge dollar store test fan as well.
    Anyway, now that I have written a novel.. I am so bummed that you have another 6 weeks of waiting until you test again. I am praying so hard that it is the last time you ever have to wait! I am always thinking of you, and keeping you and Scott in my prayers.