Monday, February 25, 2013

Wooly Bully...

This title actually has absolutely nothing to do with 
today's post. But my mom and I went out to lunch 
today and she put this damn song in my head. 
You know your singing it now, go on. 
Wooly Bully-Wooly Bully-Wooly Bully
Wooly Bully Wooly Bully-
whew. that was a lot. 
andddd your welcome! 
Do me a favor and sing it out loud once today 
put this awful song in someone's head! :) 

So I got the all clear today! 
I am officially NOT sick anymore! 
Wooly Bully! (haha sorry I had to) 
I also got a flu shot! 
lol.. better late than never right?!
Scott and I had a pretty good weekend. 
Friday night we went to another Fish Fry! 
We won a bunch of money playing black jack! 
Hubs ate lots of fish and I, well, I consumed a lot of beer :) 
It was so fun! 

This was my hand all night! LOVE IT! 
Love this game! 
Saturday we got up early and headed to this adorable place 
called "The Coffee Shop" 
they have the best breakfast food ever! 
after breakfast we decided we needed a little nap :) 
after our nap we both woke up with tons of energy! 
we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned 
It felt good to get those dust bunnies out of the corners
and mop the floor! My poor bathtub needed some love too! 
We ended the night with Scott working on websites and me 
lounging on the couch catching up on my dvrs 
Sunday morning I had to work at the butt crack of dawn
which was no fun. at all. 
We had made plans with his parents to meet up 
and do a little switch-a-roo with some furniture. 
Among other things, we traded computer desks,
Scott uses both a MAC and a PC so he needed 
more space. We ended up moving his whole office 
to the basement, which left me with an empty room. 
and a small hole in my heart. 
I have always envisioned us cleaning out that room 
to make it a nursery, painting the walls and measuring for 
curtains. All of the nesting would be done in that room. 
But for now, it's empty. 
I thought about making it a TV/Craft room, 
but every time I tried to carry something in it yesterday
I moved it right back out. 
Part of me wants to paint it now and put furniture in it. 
and part of me wants to leave it empty, keep the door closed, 
and wait. 
Just wait until we have a baby on the way 
and get to the point of nesting. 
But then I think, how long will we wait?
we've been waiting over 3 years now... 
Ugh I don't know what to do!! 
What would you girls do? 
Complete the room or Keep it empty?

As far as AF, she is still a no show. 
and tests are still coming out BFN. 
today is CD42...
last night I did have a bit of cramping. 
and I did cry at least once while emptying out the room. 
So I have a feeling she is coming! 


  1. I'm so happy you are feeling better! Btw, I have no clue what that song is lol. As for the empty room, I have one as well. I've debated moving my office down there, but I worry it will send a bad message to the universe like I've given up hope of putting a baby in there. So for now I leave it empty with the door shut.

  2. I'm so glad you're not sick anymore... that sounded TERRIBLE. About the room, I feel like you've got to be right on the verge of something so unless you really need the space, keep it open and ready for a baby! (((HUGS)))

  3. Wooly Bully Wooly Bully Wooly Bully! haaaa I blame it on the yarn shop that is named that and just maybe a few too many Wedding Receptions that play it after everyone has had enough cocktails!
    About the room...
    Shut the door or turn it into something for you. Either way, you know good and well WHEN the time comes we can have the decorator there in no time and have her transform it overnight!
    Love you!

  4. So so happy that you are feeling better. Those "spare" rooms are so hard to deal with. I think it is okay to do either whatever makes you feel the best. Lol. I love that song!! :)

  5. I'm so glad you're feeling better.

    We left the room meant to be a nursery empty and the door shut. I just couldn't handle it. I even made my husband vacuum it out when it needed to be. I'm sorry you're having to face that decision now, but do whatever feels best for you.

  6. we have the same issue with a room in our house. i dont know what to do and i think there is no right answer...just listen to your heart

  7. if you have always envisioned that room as a nursery, i would trust your heart. <3<3<3 big hugs
    you cracked me up with "wooly bully" ahhh, i remember that song. steve and his friends at work play this game where they go up to one another and start singing an obnoxious song to get it stuck in their heads for the day. i will text him "wooly bully" :)
    you're in my thoughts and prayers so much, alexis.

  8. Haha I totally know that song. I like their other song "Little Red Riding Hood" better though! I hate the topic of the "spare bedroom". I had extra bedroom furniture when I moved in with DH, so I had no choice but to either store the furniture or use it, so I decided to not waist the money and made it into a spare bedroom. I still look at it sadly sometimes, but I feel better knowing it is of some use as a spare room to store things rather then being an empty reminder of what is missing. Everyone feels differently though and you don't have to do anything right now so give it some time and think about it :) Hope AF comes soon!

  9. Okay for some reason I didn't have you on my blog list so I always have to go find you through someone elses...I just added you!!! FINALLY. Problem solved :) Love you Alexis hang in there and let me know if you need anything! It's so hard to go over this again and again! :(

  10. The first half had me smiling away. I'm glad you guys found some fun!

    Thinking of you on the room, though. Our extra room was turned into a guest room and it's hard looking at it and wondering if it become a nursery later.

  11. I'm glad you are feeling better!! That sounded rough... You poor girl!!
    We had that extra room problem as well. After about 2 years we made it an office. It's a tough decision...

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  13. I say keep it empty for now. If you wake up one day and want to put your craft stuff there, go for it...but don't force it. I'm thinking of you and sending my love (and AF vibes!) xoxo

  14. AGH. I always get the worst songs stuck in my head... and for the longest time too. I think I will be singing this one all weekend. Thanks. :p
    You look gorgeous! Glad you're feeling better.
    I say leave it empty. I almost feel like you finally emptied it out for a reason, like it was meant to happen so it could actually be the nursery soon. :)

  15. Hi blog-name-twink! Seeing your gambling made me SO excited for my Vegas trip in a couple months. Glad you're feeling better! :)