Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What THE Whaaat? It's February?

How in the world did January go by so fast! 
and today is February 5th holy crap! 
We have been so busy lately that I feel like 
I haven't blogged in forever! 
that needs to change asap! 
Last weekend we had a great time with great firends
Friday night we went to a Fish Fry, that had 
unlimited crispy fish, cold draft beer, jello shots and some gambling!
Here are some pictures from that night

Saturday I recovered with some much needed 

Saturday night was girls night! 
we went to Elsa's of course! 
these lovely ladies made my night! 
Me and Michelle
Me and Jenn
I loved Jenn's Fireplace!  look at this thing! 
Sunday I worked for a  bit then napped for a bit
then off to the Super Bowl Party 

I just couldn't decide which TV to watch!

About two weeks ago L and I started our work out routine 
to prepare for summer! yup end of January and planning for summer! 
I bought this adorable Yellow polka dot bikini from VS 
to hang on my fridge as inspiration! 
One of my best friends growing up has asked me to 
be in her wedding in July...IN CALI! 
So I MUST get my butt in shape! and into this bikini! :P

operation shrink this body is in full effect!
Jillian Michaels  just about killed me!  

↑ I wish you could actually see the sweat in this picture
it was in my eyes on my arms elbows eyelids! all the 
places you don't really sweat while gliding along on the elliptical
I 100% recommend the Jillian Michaels Shed and Shred tape! AHmazing!

After a good work out I like to much on this real quick 

then jump in here!

 Relax. Recover. Read. 

I just finished the book Gone Girl!
It's good but will throw you for a loop! 
I have been hunting around as for what to read next
any suggestions?! 
 Our IUI is still on track nothing really going on right now
we are in the midst of a 2ww on a natural cycle following a chemical 
I don't have high hopes for a positive. 
I am just ready to get to the IUI
AF should be due around February 15th
making our IUI date somewhere around the 27th 
end of the monthish.. 
and I say SHOULD BE DUE 
because I lost ALL of my last 2 years of records 
my phone crashed and I had to restore when I did 
I lost all my info :( It sucks because I always looked 
at past cycles to compare and symptom check and now I can't 
Work news!
Little Miss Millie's Boutique has been quite busy! 
We are doing the Baby Bonanza in Columbus 
on March 10th!
Any blogger buddies in the area?! COME SEE ME!!
 Seriously look at some of this cuteness!! 
 (Also a small plug for my Husbands business)
Kreashons is his freelance business 
He can do just about anything you need for a pretty good price!
and does Web Design, Business Cards, Logo Design, printing of promotional items 
and more!! Check him out at Kreashons.com
 What's going on this week?! 
Anyone doing anything fun!? 
Anyone getting any snow that I can be jealous of?! 


  1. I love all your pics! If you can survive Jillian Michaels than you are already in great shape in my book!

  2. I'm jealous of your workouts! (as I read this from the couch) lol
    You've been doing a great job of keeping busy but
    I'm ready to get back in the car to drive to the destination hop in, I'll drive!
    Love you,

  3. I loved Gone Girl! I just finished reading The Light Between the Oceans...it was pretty good!

  4. You've been having so much fun - I loved all the photos!! I hear so much good stuff about Jillian Michaels' workouts...I wanna try them! Love the LMM additions...wish I was closer by so I could come to the baby bonanza!!
    Sending love and wishing you a wonderful February!! Glad it's off to a great start!

  5. You are SUCH a babe. I had to say it! You're freaking gorgeous! Good for you for working out to get into that stinkin' cute bikini! I always love when my eyebrows are sweating, I know I did something right. Although... I haven't worked out in months. Meh.
    I'm going to read that book! I've been looking for one myself. I mean, if I ever find the time. I wish I had one to suggest back, but I don't right now. No fun, I know.
    I know EXACTLY what you mean about comparing symptpoms from the past. I used to do the exact same thing, right down to how my cervix felt. Yep, I was that insane. Judge me. Haha :) That is a bummer that you lost everything! Ugh, maybe it's a sign?! I hope so!

  6. She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini! Here's hoping you're rocking it with a cute baby bump this summer :) Either way, it's super cute!

  7. You go girl! I'm so in awe of you, that is great that you are setting goals and working hard on them! Make sure you take some "before" pictures now so that you can wow us with the "after" this summer!

    Boo for your records getting lost, that sucks!

  8. I can't believe it is Feb already either! I am more than ready for spring though!! Way to go working out...I need to get on that... Send some motivation my way!!