Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon...

♫ You saw me standing alone
with out a dream in my heart ♫
Okay enough of my glorious singing! 
You guys! There is a Blue Moon tonight! 
I hope it really looks like this! 
Maybe if I drink enough of these
I will see it! 

Hubs and I are planning to drive out to the country and see if we can get 
some good shots of it! although my mom burst my blue moon 
bubble this morning telling me, it won't "appear" blue!
{insert sad face
a little googling and I found out that the term blue moon is used 
to describe the fact that there are two full moons in 1 month..
not that the moon will be blue
I did find it cool though that the next "blue moon" wont be until July 2015!

My Mom told me earlier,
Neil Armstrong's funeral is today 
and his family said to "do good things" like he did. 
and "when you see the moon to think of him and give it a wink"
{insert tears}

So those are our plans for tonight! 
•Do something maybe a little tippy  tip for the drive-thru guy 
who sells us our 6 pack of blue moon :)
•Think of Neil...while laying on the ground gazing up at the sky 
•& give that big blue moon, a big ole wink! 

Is anyone else celebrating the blue moon this evening?! 


  1. unfortunately, i dont think its really blue! That would be awesome though! the next ome isnt until 2015!!!!

  2. Mmmmmm...Blue Moon. Enjoy! Make sure you get some orange peels to go with it, you can't drink them without it!

  3. Oh yum I love blue moon beer!! Cheers:) I wish the moon appeared blue... That would be so pretty!! Still very neat for the Armstrong Fam to have it happen on the night of his funeral. I'll give it a wink!! Cheers to you!!

  4. My good thing for the day was a visit to my sister's house to watch a movie and play with my 3-year old nephew. He is my best buddy after all. We had so much fun! He is always sad to see me leave, and I am sad that I have to leave.

  5. Ughhh why do I have to be sick? You know if I wasn't we would be throwing a blue moon themed party on the patio!
    Now we'll have to wait for the next one!
    Love you to the moon and back.

  6. lol Jennifer and I thought it was going to be blue in color too. That would have been so cool. Miss you. Tell Scott hi.

  7. Cute post! Love your blog. newest reader!

  8. i hope you and scott had a fun night and got lots of pictures! we only saw it while driving the other night and my mom had some pics of it!!
    hope your labor day weekend was full of wonderful memories. <3<3<3

  9. So cool... i had no idea!! Hope you and the hubby had a wonderful time on your little trip to see the blue moon;)

  10. Awww I hope it was a fun night =) Blue Moon is now stuck in my head. I love that song!