Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise Part 1

Yep. A sports car.
From Ohio to Florida.
(&Never again!)
So when I got to budget to pick up my rental
the girl noticed my name on my cc and informed me
that she used to work for us at the bowling center, then
proceeded to tell me that the couple in front of me took
the last low class car (you know the one with good gas mileage)
and this lovely spotless 2012 mustang was left.. upgrade free of charge she asked?
sure why not!? 
How could you think anything but yes when staring 
at this beauty?! 
Jen was sure surprised when I pulled up in this.. 
 seeing as how I had been prepping her for two weeks 
to ride down in a ford escort (not that there is anything wrong with ford escorts)
just that, I rented the cheapest car I could in order to save 
us money that we could use on new shoes instead :) 
about 3 hours in we began to realize why 
maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to say yes
to the pretty shinny car screaming my name in the parking lot 
Hip pain. leg pain. weird mirrors. BLIND spots. 
fast. making 70 feel like 20 fast. 
Bright red. Two girls. Ohio Tags. 
you get where I am going with this... 
The night seemed to pass by quickly 
and before we knew it we were watching 
the beautiful sunrise as we entered the sunshine state 
  We stopped at Jillian's dropped off our things 
and headed straight to the beach to hang out 
until they got off work.. 
But the beach apparently had other plans
we later found out about the hurricane that 
was heading for Mexico had been sending 
crazy thunderstorms to the golf.. yippy 
So we headed back to the house to wait for everyone to get home!
Josh and Peyton arrived home first! 
I could hold this beautiful baby all day! 
Miss Mia was home shortly after 
and wasn't too sure how she felt about seeing 
us in real apposed to FaceTime
but it didn't take her too long to warm up 
& before we knew it, we were cooking up 
some play food in her play kitchen and feeding the 
baby dolls their juice bottles

Part 2 ..3...4 coming soon
(it was a adventurous vacation) 


  1. I'm surprised to hear the mustang wasn't comfortable!! That sucks big time :) But I can't wait to read about the rest of your vacation!

  2. Waaaaitt..

    You're in Ohio?!!
    What city!!

  3. Hi Alexis! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'll be following along with your story too!

  4. Ooh! Fun car! But I can definitely see how it would be trouble. ;)

  5. i'm sorry the mustang wasn't comfy!! it is such a pretty color. my brother just let steve drive us around in his corvette and i was cursing at steve to slow the &**& down every other second. lol
    beautiful photos!!
    i hope you and scott have a sweet weekend. <3

  6. Dang, I would have thought the mustang would have been awesome...that sucks :-\