Monday, August 27, 2012


So I had this dream last night 
one that was so real and so vivid 
In my dream I was pregnant. 
and I kept getting these black and white 
visions of the baby's face 
but when  I would turn to look at it, it would fade away 
like dust being blown away, then it would circle around 
and reform the face only the second time, there were 2 faces 
I could see a glimpse here and there, of their lips &
their cheeks, but never their eyes. I wanted so badly to 
look the babies in their eyes but every time I tried 
The image of them would fade.. 
Then the dream switched and I kept seeing 
2 sacs on the ultrasound screen my eyes were 
blurry and I kept rubbing them thinking I was seeing things
and then... do you remember the video of the creation of life 
that I posted here a few months ago? well I kept seeing the 
part where the sperms are traveling to the eggs and 
I swear I kept watching 2 sperm traveling full speed 
running into two eggs! 
How freaking weird is this! 
what a mush of everything baby all in one dream! 
and twins again, more dreams of twins..
I will be over the moon with whatever happens in the coming months 
but I would be..
  over the moon and in another galaxy if we conceived twins! 

What will be, will be & We shall wait and see! 
and I will leave you with this photo... 
This is toilet paper pieces that were on the bathroom
floor behind the door, this was a while ago.
but I just found the picture in my phone.
Scott called me into the bathroom and said
babe....what does this look like to you?!!
sperm and an egg anyone?


  1. Oh friend... My thoughts and prayers are with you!!

  2. I'm liking these dreams. You know what they say... Dreams do come true. I have a rather strong feeling we'll be watching this dream come true in the coming months. I'm so happy September is finally here. Time to get back to work on some baby makin! I love the toilet paper haha, what a silly sign of things to come:)

    1. Sooooo True!! I hope your feelings are right :))) haha the toilet paper picture makes me laugh every time I look at it!

  3. The toilet paper is amazing! And that dream...the fact that it was so vivid seems pretty meaningful! Then again, I used to have the most realistic dream in which I gave birth to Chloe and she turned out to be a cat (an anime cat, no pokemon style lol!) Luckily, that dream did *not* come true ;) I'm excited to see what happens for you in the coming months. I have a really good feeling! xoxo

  4. um, i LOVE that toilet paper and that scott found it. i am big on signs and definitely think they hold meaning! :)
    vivid dreams...i have a good feeling they are gonna be more than just dreams soon!! <3
    yay for september!!!