Monday, August 20, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise Part II

P a r a d i s e 
there that's how you spell it..

We ended our fun night of playing kitchen and feeding 
baby dolls with some pizza and juice :) 

Friday we got up early and 
got ready for our trip to 
crab island for a snorkeling
adventure! We had to make 
a pit stop at wal.mart to grab
an underwater camera ○
←out take #12

There finally..a good one!
We pondered for far to long as to whether we needed 
these awesome Navarre hats for our 3 hour tour
the verdict was..


But it was fun trying them on :) 

until I mentioned 
something along the lines of lice and wal.mart hats 

Harry T's is famous for there
 Sweet Water Beer 
and amazing nachos!
 (I may have made that part up)
I should say they are famous to me! lol...
 Anyways we got a half order 
that took up half the table! they 
are seriously the best nachos ever! 
We were set to take the noon ship out 
but because of the lovely hurricane 
rolling by the weather was If'y 
I called to make sure the trip was a go 
and the lady informed us we need to be there like right that minute 
so we had to take our beer and 
nachos to go! 
take#5 poor old man had no clue how to use an iPhone  

Since the weather was questionable we left our boat bags in the car, in the parking garage 3 floors and 2 blocks away... thinking we would have time to run and get them before the tour. When we were informed we needed to be checking in not drinking beer & eating nachos we ran straight to the check in booth and totally forgot about the bag, with the towels, & the water cameras, dry clothes...ect.. But I did make it around the corner to the gift shop to snag up a 12 pack of beer for the trip! :) 

 The sun did make an appearance for about an hour 
but the rain soon moved in again, turning our three hour tour 
into an hour and a half thus resulting in a partial refund :)
Oh and we got to see a pirate ship and a few dolphins 
on our way back to the dock!
Great memories made this day! 

We stopped by the shrimp basket since our boat ride ended early 
and grabbed a few beverages and some fried fish heaven!
We got home around 3 to take a nap before venturing back 
out to celebrate one of Jillian's coworkers birthdays! 
That night will be revealed in Part III


  1. Love the pics!! Sounds like such a fun trip. The nachos look delicious:)

  2. so glad you are having such an awesome time! Soak it all up... :-)

  3. Fun pics and fun day with the girls!

  4. OK, I had to reread "underwater" cause I thought you said underwear camera and I was like WOW, this 50 shades of grey thing is out of control! HAHA You ladies look like you are having a buh-last!!

  5. Dolphins too! That's so neat! I am drooling over those nachos. I could live on mexican food for the rest of my life!! Your photos are beautiful and so are YOU! Love your fun top!
    You live such a full life, Alexis! Love it!