Thursday, August 23, 2012

Part III

I know I know a three part vacation..
I will sum it all up here 
but I am warning you now its going to be long..
and scrambled cause I have lots I want to get blogging about! 

 Here is part 1 and part II if you missed them and want to catch up :)
So I left off with our canceled boat trip and fried fish and beer 
dinner, then a nap before we headed back to the beach for 
a friend/co workers birthday! 
First we had to get ready :) 
Mia loved playing in Aunt Alexis' make up 
and Velcro hair rollers she was adorable the whole time!  

 Adorable little video of Mia Peyton and I getting 
ready for the night :)
Almost ready! 
waaaalaaa thank the lord for mascara :))
p.s. all these pictures in part 1-2-3 were taken with my cell..
a little energy drink was needed
The first place we went to was called 
The Red Door, an awesome outdoor beach bar we met with about 15 of Jillian's Coworkers & had one fabulous time! We met really nice people, had some hilarious conversations & made so many memories! I think one of the funniest from this part of the night was when Jen asked for the rest of the 5hr energy I had in my purse, I gave it to her & she downed it, then made an awful face! It was grape! YUCK, so I handed her my drink so she could wash down the grossness and instead of taking a sip, she spit it in! the best part is I didn't even notice! it was after I took a drink that she said eww why are you drinking that? I spit in it!
Love these girls
The rest of the night was fun, we walked over to another beach bar 
and did a lot of singing and some much needed 
dancing! I have some funny videos but I think these 
girls would kill me if I put them up :) 
So Saturday...  Yes I am only on Saturday!
 We woke up to Mia's smiling face and Josh made us all a much needed big breakfast! We watched some of the olympics and played kitchen and make up then we headed down to the Juan something.. lol 
I cant remember the name but its a really cool restaurant/ bar right on the water 
 We just so happened to go the same day as the big boat poker run.. 
so there were like 1323432462 people there! We stayed for a drink then 
headed up to Stinkys
Loving the make up :) 
Saturday Night we put the girls to bed then played some 
card games and enjoyed some beverages... 
A little of this happened..
and only Jen can fall asleep shaped like a pretzel!
Sunday we got up early and headed to the beach! 
 We saw WHALES!!! or maybe one WHALE but it was a WHALE!
and a few Jellyfish %-/
I am going to miss these sweet babies! 
We had a wonderful time! 
Thank you again Bott 123&4
We will be back.... 


  1. How fun!!!! I am in diar need of a beach vacation of some sort right now :) Glad you had such a fun time lady!!!

  2. That's so awesome you saw a whale!! I was just googling the crap out of whales the other day bc I was THAT bored. Hahaha!
    Omygosh, that video of you and Mia is so precious...the way she says "thank you" and "apple" for eyeshadow! You are right...mascara is a life saver. I couldn't live without it and when I do, I look so tired. Lol
    It looks like you had such a amazing time with all of your gfs! All the pics made me laugh and smile!!