Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I know...I know

I totally promised stories and pictures
from my girls trip to paradise! 
I am getting there, I loaded 157 cell pics and
have yet to stick my memory chip in my laptop..
I am kinda scared my computer might explode..
So...My promise is still good and by this weekend I will have the post up! 

For Now though, I do have a picture of my 
clomid calendar...
Holy Moly September!
(Heparin, yes I spelled it wrong) 
{One failed spelling bee and I gave up..}
I think it just looks more overwhelming than it really will be! 
I am so excited :) 
as for the heparin class...
Because all my tests came back negative it is not "necessary"
but.. with my family history of blood clotting issues 
and my extended research on why 
"sometimes heparin just works and they don't really know why"
...I will be talking to Dr. B about going through with this option. 
It may sound crazy to want to do injections, 
but I have a very strong gut feeling that I need to do it. 
And let me just say this gut is never wrong..almost never. 
We will see what he says but for now those are my plans! 
Have a Lovely Week Ladies! & Welcome New Followers!! 

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  1. What a great plan. I promise the injections aren't that bad. You will do great!!!

  2. Good luck! I was on Clomid, and had to do an HSG, but no Heparin. I'm not sure I could have handled it. Hope this all works out for you! Thank goodness for modern medicine!

    1. Thank you! and Yes I agree I don't know what we would do with out it!

  3. Best of luck with a new cycle!! I know that feeling! : ) Injections really aren't bad at all, I think it's just the thought of them!

  4. a packed calendar of all positives :) you will be a busy but very motivated bee!! ahhh, i can't wait for next month for you guys! you are gonna rock september!! <3<3<3