Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween my little Ghouls! 

Today marks 8 years that Scott and I have been together! 
Scott and I when we first started dating! 
and us now :) this was taken at the wedding this past weekend :)

This was me last night for trick or treat :) 
last minute idea to paint my face! 

Look at this amazing package I received this morning! 
from my sweet friend Janet over at Just A Little Off Kilter 

Ketchup chips! (two bags! but I already ate one!  lol) two pairs
of socks! fun goofy glasses! Chattering teeth! and an awesome card!!
How do they look?! 

She is so awesome! I love love love everything I got!! 
Thank you again Janet!! 
go check out her blog she is hilarious and awesome!! 

Also a shout out to my 2ww buddy Weaslewam 
who blogs over at More Salt 
she got her BFP today!!! I sure hope I join her tomorrow! :D

Happy Halloween Lovelies Stay Warm Tonight! 


  1. Thanks for the shout out! My fingers are crossed so hard for you!!!! Good luck lady :) How are you feeling?

  2. happy 8 years to you and Scott!! Those glasses are awesome (and so is your headband) - what a sweet package!! Thinking of you and saying big prayers! Happy Halloween! Xoxox

  3. So so cute! Sending many many happy vibes tomorrow!

  4. Love the face paint! I can't believe your beta is tomorrow!! I'm so anxious for you!!! FX big time!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I am so SO happy that you enjoyed the package! and those glasses...aren't they just the bestest, however not as amazeballs as your makeup! Happy 8 years...amazing!

  6. Thank you for stopping by! I was reading your blog earlier actually. I'm from Ohio too! Fx for you tomorrow!!! I'll be stalking your blog tomorrow for sure!

  7. Thinking of you!!! and keeping my fingers crossed!!

  8. Aww thinking of you every day and praying like a banche. Love the Halloween make-up.

  9. Hoping for an excellent beta today!

  10. When do you get your results!??!