Monday, October 1, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin' 10dpo

This weekend went to fast. 
way to fast! I work 6 days a week so I really feel as if I only 
have one weekend day anyway and it was spent running around.
If I had my choice I would have slept the entire day away while waking 
to eat a bit then back to sleep. But not this weekend no no to much to do! 
Saturday Scott and I both worked during the morning till the late afternoon 
I then drove all over tarnation looking at houses 
(I'm back on the moving train) (more on that later) 
by the time we both met back at home we were exhausted! 
We had dinner and then watched some old home videos of me :) 
I think we were asleep by 10... Lame. I know. 

Sunday we got to sleep in till 10!! 
which happens once in a blue moon! 
I was eager to show Scott the house I LOVE 
in the most perfect neighborhood! (ugh I want it now!) 
then we headed out to get some lunch 
on the way back we decided to stop for some pumpkins! 

       It was so hard to choose!! We ended up with two perfect pumpkins 
3 small pumpkins one black one white and one orange 
and a small barrel of straw to set up on the front porch :) 

TTC news: we are more than half way through the 2ww!!!
today is 10dpo and I am holding strong at not poas.. 
only 4 more sleeps till Beta morning!! 
I really have no clue what the outcome may be!?! 
I am keeping a detailed list of my symptoms so we will see!! 

I found out part of the 
but you'll have to wait till tomorrow! 

& if you are the praying type..
could please take a minute and say a small prayer for one of my close 
friends "J" as she received news on Friday that her twins no longer have heartbeats 
she was a few days shy of 10 weeks 
She has been ttc for 3 years and this marks her 4th loss. 
she now has 5 angel babies in heaven. 
I am trying to get her to start a blog since the support system here is 
simply amazing! I will keep you all posted if she decides to join us. 
Thanks a million! 


  1. Praying for J! Exciting that you are closer to the 2ww be over :)

  2. I LOVE picking out my pumpkins each year! Looks like you two had a fun day! Good luck with not POAS before beta day!

    Definitely praying for J. How horrible for her.

  3. your pumpkin pictures are so cute...i love this time of year and anything pumpkin!! i was thinking about you throughout the weekend - hoping and praying lots for you!
    you go girl - holding out to test!!
    many prayers to your friend and her husband. <3
    looking forward to reading tomorrow's post about the baby shoes!! :)
    have a wonderful night, alexis!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry about your friend. That's so horrible. I'm praying for her!

    I'm totally impressed that you haven't POAS yet! You have way more willpower than I do!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that whenever you do, it comes back with two big fat lines =) Love and hugs! You're only a few hours away from ELEVEN DPO!! xoxoxo

  5. Praying for J!!!!! Way to hold strong and not POAS. FX for you that this is it!!! Can't wait to hear about the mystery of the baby shoes.

  6. I love going to pumpkin patches and picking out pumpkins...and apple picking too. They are such fun fall things to do.

    Can't wait to hear about your beta!

    Keeping your friend in my prayers. I'm just so sad for her.