Thursday, October 11, 2012

The things we do...

I was hunting around online the other night on ways to increase 
our odds of conceiving..why? I'm not sure, I know I have googled them before.. 
and I always get the same answers.. 
eat pineapple core, take Robitussin, take baby aspirin,
lay still for 30 min after bd'n 
evening primrose oil.. 
yams for twins.. 
the list goes on and on. 
Last night I found a new one.. 
using the Diva Cup after intercourse. 
Whats a Diva Cup you ask?
Click on the picture the website can explain.. 

anyways I now have read all kinds of forums of woman
using these cups to keep the sperm closer to the cervix.. 
woman that swear this did the trick for them.. 
I just don't know what to think!? 
my first thought was hell yes I must get one of these! 
but ehhh, I mean I already do weird things 
in front of the hubs... like hang on I have to insert my 
Preseed before we bd..yes, I said insert.. and let me get the wedge in place 
so I don't have to move at all afterwords..
I just feel like asking him to
 insert my diva cup for me would be too much on the poor guy. 
and I mean really, how could I do it myself? while laying in an awkward position 
trying not to fall off the wedge move?
I am sure I have painted a pretty picture in all of your minds
on how this BD'ing goes down. :)
But I mean really don't we all try every trick we can think of ? 

Does anyone have any input on using this nifty little cup?
Do you think it's worth the $25 investment?


  1. That's crazy that someone has actually come up with something called "the diva cup." I generally stay away from gadgets like this. If they work so well, why aren't they more well-known? Why don't REs recommend them?

    That's just my two cents. But, I guess, if they have worked for some people, $25 is pretty cheap when compared with all the other IF bills we get.

  2. There was a cycle over a year ago I remember trying the Softcup (I think they're called) with Steve. I was lol at your description bc that is exactly how it was with Steve and I. He actually put it in for me...I remember writing a post abt it...he held my ankles like I was a giant baby and then shoved a pillow under my butt for me. It was muy sexy! Hahahaha!
    It was not fun and I didn't get pregnant that cycle, but I think trying everything once is worth it. :)

  3. I think it sounds kind of interesting, even for it's intended purpose. I say... why not?

  4. I am guilty of doing whatever I read, it never helped but it made me feel good being proactive. I know my hubby would have resisted this one

  5. I don't have experience with this but wanted to drop by and say thanks for stopping by my blog to lend some encouragement and support. Thank you.

  6. I'd say buy a box of Softcups if you want to try something, instead of the Diva Cup. The Softcup will hold the sperm up at the cervix but a Diva Cup won't keep them anywhere near the cervix. We used Softcups for a few cycles (I did manage to insert them myself with some awkward maneuvering!) The obviously didn't work for us but you just never know!

  7. I second (third?) the softcups! I've used them (though not for TTC purposes), and it'll probably be awkward--but no more awkward than preseed, the post-BD "prop", the refusal to move/laugh/go to the bathroom for at least 30 minutes (hour)! Plus, I remember watching a youtube video where the vlogger recommended them for the exact reasons you're talking about :) She had success! I wish I remembered who it was... Anyway, I say go for it!

  8. This is news to me. Diva cup.. I will go google. Popping to show some love:) Thinking of you.

  9. Here's another vote for the Softcups ... you can do it yourself rather discreetly, it's not that bad! I don't know why gynos/REs don't recommend them - makes good sense to keep the precious liquid close to the cervix!

  10. I use the Diva Cup and have for years. Don't listen to that first post!! It is a Canadian company so the US distribution just is not large yet. Regardless - it is the best. You can read testimonials online. You can use it for what you are asking but really it is the best period solution ever. You will never go back to pads or tampons again.