Monday, October 8, 2012


Is it just me or is time FLYING right now?
I can NOT believe it's already October 8th?! How?!
I am on CD4 of my 5th medicated cycle.. 
Next Tuesday is my Follicle scan! 
Where is the time going?! 
I hope our upcoming 2ww goes this fast! 

So has anyone ever heard of taking clomid 
days 3-10?
I have done 4 cycles of days 3-7 
but now we doing 
7 days instead of 5... 
and I cant find ANY information on about why?
what does it do differently? 
I know I should have asked when I had my baseline 
but honestly that day was so hectic! I was excited to wake up 
and go get my blood drawn for my BETA but woke to AF instead. 
then rushed down to the office to get my U/S in before the weekend. 
So the question slipped my mind. 
Does anyone know?! 

I have a super fun post coming from this past weekend! 
Myself and 6 fabulous ladies did a 5k in Cincinnati! 
Boy was it FUN!! We will definitely be doing this yearly! 
I can't wait to show you all the pictures!
Here is a preview pic!

 The Happiest 5k on the Planet! 


  1. The Color Run looked like so much fun. I missed mine in St. Louis a few months ago - it sold out too quickly - ugh... I will be registering early for next year:)

    1. OooNo!! Yes register early! They have a VIP list you can sign up for on their website, that way you get to register first! :)

  2. I saw some friends on who did the color run in Cincy. They also have one in Columbus too. Maybe next you should do the warrior dash I hear they are a blast. I feel like time keeps on moving at light speed these days.

    1. I was just looking to see when the Columbus one was! I would totally drive up to that one! I have been hearing so much about the warrior dash! I don't know if I am bad ass enough for that yet! hhahah! But playing in the mud sure looks like fun!! & time needs to slow down just a wee bit!

  3. Oh wow! There is a color run in my city coming up in December. I want to do it SO badly. It looks like so much fun.

    1. I would suggest signing up now!! It's Sooooo much fun!!

  4. OMG For a second there I thought that maybe you lived close to me because I did The Color Run in Iowa this weekend!!! It was so much fun!!!!!

  5. When I think about it one way, time is really flying by. Like in my normal, everyday life I can't believe it's already the second week of October. But in other ways, like in the land where time stands still (aka, IF Land), it is creeping by so slowly for me. I hope your 2WW goes just as fast for you as the monitoring part of your cycle!

    1. Thank you :) I hope time speeds up a little for you :D

  6. That photo is awesome!! I can't wait to read your next looks like it was an amazing and inspiring day! When I did Clomid cycles, I remember my dr always upping the dose if we weren't seeing the results we wanted. I know there was a time I was on it from days 2-8 switching between 100 and 150mg. bc he wanted to get even more aggressive. I am hoping and praying for you, gf! And so glad to hear the time is passing quickly!!
    Have a wonderful night. Xoxox

    1. It was so amazing! Thank you for the clomid info! I am hoping this round works!!

  7. 7 days of clomid! You need all the prayers in the world!! Will be sending so many positive thoughts your way!

  8. so happy its going quickly for you!! Grow follies, grow!