Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am SO SAD we didn't get snow here in Ohio, well where I leave anyway. 
Scott and I took waffles over to my parents last night 
and had a sleep over! We ate chicken paprikash! 
(if you have never had it, try it! Now!) 
We also ate cereal :) More than a normal serving size! 
We watched the news updates on Frankenstorm and played 
each other in words with friends. I think my mom and I have 10 
games going! Dad and I however only have 1 because he is the 
scrabble champion of the world  perfectionist. 
Words must be played with  lots of thought and played for points! 
Mom and I just throw words up as fast as we can
not giving two hoots about the score :) 
Scott entertained waffles while the scrabble war slowly 
dwindled down to an end.
Do you play words with friends?! 
If so are you a perfectionist or a throw the words up and go kinda player?

So as this evening came to an end I crawled up the stairs 
to bed with visions of snow piles filling my head. 
I woke around 4am and took a peek outside, a light dusting 
was covering the grass! YES I thought Snow day on the way!! 
I woke around 10 only to jump out of bed and be 
instantly disappointed! No Snow at all! 
I wish I lived in Alaska! 
I just love snow! 
I guess maybe it's because I was born during a blizzard, 
apparently I loved snow while in the womb! 
Do you love snow? or are you a hater?

As you may have noticed I am totally avoiding talking 
about the 2ww that is quickly coming to an end. 
I just don't want to jinx anything. If there is anything to jinx. 
So Thursday you will all be updated with whats happening :) 

Sending thoughts and prayers to those negativity effected by Sandy. 
Stay safe and warm my friends! 


  1. If you want you can have the snow we get here in the Lou - blah... AND now I want waffles:)

  2. I'm a throw a word up there kind of person on Words with Friends :)

  3. Sounds like a fun sleepover!! I love words with friends...need to dl it again on my phone...my mom plays exactly like your dad...she has to think and think before finally sending a word!! I'm with you - I LOVVVVVVE snow! Hoping we get tons this winter!! Thinking of you and excited for your day! Xoxox

  4. Boo for no snow! I love snow as well :) When I play Words with friends I just throw up whatever word comes to mind first. Can't wait to hear your update on Thursday! FX!!

  5. Sending many many vibes your way darling!

  6. Depends on who I am playing ;) And, um... I don't do well under 80 degrees, let's just say I LOVE the heat :) Hope the last few days of the 2WW fly by ;)

  7. I play for points. I grew up watching epic Scrabble games between my grandfather and my aunt and one of goals in life was to beat them both. Still haven't managed it.

    I love snow, but unfortunately for me, the dusting you had the disappeared in a few hours is about the most I get here in southwest Tennessee.

  8. I LOVE snow! We had our first snow storm here in CO last week, it was glorious! Hope the rest of your 2ww goes by quickly! :)

  9. will be thinking of you tomorrow! We on the east coast here have had ENUF of weather, in general right now...