Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blood Suckers

I had the worst and I mean WORST blood drawl today
that I have ever had in my life! 
Now I would say I have been letting the vamps feed for 
quite some time and had my share of "newbies" 
but this girl! Oh my lord! 
She should choose a different career path!
I will totally be asking for my normal girl next week.. 
It makes me wonder if there is a place you can go where they 
only have trained staff, not different faces every time you come in?
So this girl. I would say 2-3 years younger than me 
calls me back with her snotty attitude.. 
Alexis she yells into the waiting room...full of two people. 
Me and the pregnant lady next to me 
(yep just my luck the pregnant one sat right next to me) 
The lady was there for her glucose test as I saw her drinking "the orange stuff" 
Anyways I follow Dracula back to the room
I pull up my sleeve because I know the routine..
no small talk just a quick tie of the tourniquet a cold swab of the skin
and a jab of the needle.. 30 seconds later a band aid and a "have a nice day"
Now I have a throbbing arm okay its not really that bad
and a bruised bump where she jabbed me...
way to suck at your job!
which leads me to people sucking at their jobs!
I went to a wine tasting for work on Tuesday and i would say
70 percent of the people working pouring wine had attitudes!
I mean come on your pouring shots of wine and making pointless small talk.
at least smile! then the girl at McD's I go to get a sweet tea this morning
after my arm abuse.. I get to the speaker and I hear Charlie Brown's teacher..
So I place my order.. then here her again. No clue what she said?
not even sure if they were words she was speaking.
So I get to the pay window and she is texting on her cell phone!
As I sit there staring at her in disbelief, I finally say excuse me!?
and she gives me a hate stare and snatches my dollar from my hand..
No have a nice day from her!
People these days ugh!
Have you come across any rotten people lately?
How do you deal? do you let your blood boil? or just shrug it off?
& What about the date with the vamps...
Have you had any bad experiences with the blood suckers?

Gas prices holy flying pigs its under 3 dollars!
I have this weird timing thing with gas..
I always need it on Thursdays always.
and coincidentally Thursdays is always when the price spikes!
But not this past week! It dropped so I filled up!
then 2 days later when I was at a half tank and it dropped again..
I filled up! Now it's been dropping everyday and I already have a full tank.
which makes me want to run out and buy a huge barrel to fill up and keep
in my garage for when the price spikes again...because I am sure it will
be low until I need to fill up! what are gas prices in your area? Have you seen
any relief at the pump? (haha I sound like the news reporters now..)

Today is 7dpo and 8 days past trigger..
as you can tell from my story above I had my progesterone tested today
and am hoping for a number better than 12.5 which is what it was last time!
then exactly a week from today I will have my BETA!!
I have been so good so far! (I hope I didn't just jinx myself)
I haven't tried to analyze anything! I haven't peed on anything!
I am taking my pills,drinking my water, and getting my rest that's all I can
do at this point! what will be will be!
 & I can not believe its almost the weekend already!
where has the week gone?! I am happy it flu by and I hope
the next week does the same!

Who has fun plans for the weekend?!
We have a wedding on Saturday then house work and sleep on Sunday!


  1. When it comes to blood suckers I have been very very lucky and only had one bad experience but at least they didn't have an attitude! When it comes to rude people it depends on my mood if I am feeling super duper *itchy then I will complain most times I just shrug it off. Almost to beta day!!! We have a wedding that we are bartending this weekend which means I will be sipping on lots of water while handing out lots of beer.

  2. I had this one experience when I passed out when they drew blood. I remember waking up in the OB office with a sucker in my mouth. Ugh.. the girl stabbed my "rolly polly" veins about 5 times and then things went BLANK. I don't like it one bit.

    YAY Beta Day is almost here. Oh I came across a rudeyruderson the other day at a local restaurant - I kept smiling at her and asking her a million questions about her day and smiled more - she HATED it and I LOVED every second of it. Hey - don't wait on people if you HATE people. Ugh..

  3. Ouch! Sorry about the bad blood draw! I've been pretty lucky with blood tests so far. But, I'm going to a new lab on Monday so I might end my lucky streak.
    This weekend we are going to cheer on Vandy, going to a couple Halloween parties, and then I have a craft I'm going to attempt. I'm not great at crafts so hopefully it won't turn out a hot mess!

  4. Hey 2ww buddy! I'm sorry you're having a stoopid time with people that are supposed to help you!! Relax... be calm. Stress isn't good for the body especially when TTC! I need to remind myself of this too :)

    Just listen to Enya for the rest of the day. That's what I did yesterday, no joke! It's even blog official :)

  5. I don't understand how some people get hired. Yes, working at McDonald's is a menial job, but you know that if the manager saw her piss-poor customer service skills, s/he'd kick her ass.

    Deep breaths! People suck and unfortunately, we have to deal with them. Next time, definitely ask for someone who's better with the needle.

  6. Sorry to hear about your arm:( ouch!! I've had a fair number of bad stick experiences...I have difficult veins. You sure have run into a lot of rude people! Wow...I hope your weekend gets better!! I'm very hopeful for good news from you very soon;) hang in there!!

  7. Seriously! Ugggg. Vampires suck! Really hoping your everything looks great!!!!

  8. I also did not have a good blood draw this week. It bled a lot and left a purply bruise for a few days. Yeah my girl was not the normal one or good at all.

    Only one more week! Have a great weekend.

  9. When I was in 12th grade I donated blood and I ended up with a trainee. She jabbed me in three different places with the huge needle and I almost fainted. It was awful.

  10. Yikes, so sorry about your arm :( That sounds brutal! I've always had pretty good people take my blood, though I did have 2 awful IVs in the hospital...I hope bad blood draw means good progesterone level though! It should be a trade off! I hope this weekend is enjoyable and the week FLIES by! Crossing everything for you!

  11. Oh yeah, bad blood draws suck. The big ol' aching knot on your arm is the gift that keeps giving. In better news, half way to your beta. Hope that time flies by until you get some great news!

  12. When I did my IVF, I was having bloodwork at least every other day, if not daily... and the people at LabCorp were rude asses EVERY day! They didn't acknowledge your presence in the office, when they called you it was such a crappy attitude and they refused to listen to me when I told them my good veins were in the fold of my arm.

    I also have small veins so I ask for the butterfly needle and one guy didn't listen and used a huge needle. I stood up and nearly passed out...and I looked down and there was blood all over me!

    I think if you're going to work in a job that includes customer service, you need to have some personality. I get so pissed when people act like the ones you described above!

  13. Ick!! I'm so sorry for the blood sucker of a woman!! I had one girl who was always so sweet but she would burn the crap out of me and poke around forever until deciding on a spot. I hope you never get her again!! People with bad attitudes piss me off...sorry you've had so many encounters!!
    Have so much fun at the wedding tomorrow and have a great weekend!

  14. What a hag! I don't understand why people who hate people have jobs that require them to be around people.

    I am the same way with gas. I always need it on Thursday and never stop on my way to work, and by the time I get off work it has usually gone up like 30 cents.

    I am going to a wedding this weekend too!! Enjoy