Monday, October 15, 2012

We Made It!

We made it through the dreaded 
Estimated Delivery Date for baby 3

Here is how our weekend went down! 
Friday 10.12.12. 
My friend L and I went together to pick up her boys from 
daycare, then headed to our house to make a feast! 
Ribs, Green Beans, Mac n Cheese, Rolls 
and of course pumpkin pie, ice cream, and apple turnovers. 
My camera wasn't charged so you will have to use 
your imagination on what this feast looked like :) 
The rest of the night we spent lounging on the couch 
watching the Polar Express getting all hyped up for Christmas! 
:) My favorite time of the year is right around the corner!! 

Saturday 10.13.12
We knew going to bed Friday that when we woke it would 
be the day.. the day we have been dreading since that awful April day
But when we woke up, everything felt the same. We didn't feel like the 
world was about to end, nor did we feel like we needed to lay in bed 
all day and cry. For this we were thankful! 
We kissed good morning and I made coffee while Scott slept in a little longer. 
We both had to run into work for a bit, but planned on meeting at Nathan's 
football game that afternoon. After work I had some spare time so I ran over 
to visit with my parents. They are so sweet my dad made me the best omelet
ever while my mom got dressed to take me to the store for a special surprise :) 

A beautiful pink sapphire ring and matching earrings! 

After the jewelry store it was off to watch Nathan 
tear up the field! He got to start with the ball this week! 
here is a mini video of him running the ball.. 
Good thing Scott showed up early for a little practice! 
next week they will work on staying in the lines :D 

 I hung out with this little guy while we watched the game :) 

After the game ended Scott and I went to grab some Chipotle! 

With full bellies we decided it was Saturday and we had time for a nap! 
so nap it was! boy was it nice I think we slept for 3 hours! lol.. 
We got up and got ready to head over to a friends house for 
her husbands birthday gathering. They rented the UFC fight so we were 
in for a long night! I wish I would have known what Scott had up his sleeve 
but I didn't :( and we didn't end up leaving till around 1am! 
on the way home he said I am the hardest person ever to surprise! 
before we had left for the party that night I sat in truck finishing my mascara 
as he changed clothes, I didn't think anything of it when he started 
putting stuff from his car in the back of the truck.. 
Anyways back to the ride home.. 
He starts the conversation with, You are the hardest woman
in the entire world to surprise! and seeing as how you
A. wouldn't let me drive separate and B. wouldn't let us cancel our plans to attend the birthday party
my plans for us for the night got a little screwy...
So instead of staying the night at the brand new hotel in town
The basement will have to do :)
I cried and cried as he brought in the bags from the car
and loaded them onto the counter.
12 red roses, a box of chocolates, a bottle of bubble bath,
a pack of strawberries a bottle of whip cream and a bottle of chocolate!
followed with a card that read: stop crying on the front lol.. he wrote it as I sobbed
looking through all the stuff he had prepared!
The card of course made me cry harder,
then we held each other for what felt like forever in a moment of silence
remembering all we have been through and all that is still ahead.
We stayed in the basement that night, it was almost like
staying in a hotel because we never go down there! lol..
I truly love that man with all my heart and soul.
& I am so Thankful to have him by my side every moment of every day :)

Sunday 10.14.12.
We woke up around 9a.m. and after getting ready, headed out the door
to meet his Parents, Sister,her husband and his Brother for brunch at a farm!
It was about a 40 minute road trip there, but so worth it!
We ate at an adorable little barn that had some good home country cookin!
there were all kinds of fun things to do! pumpkin patches, corn shooting,
  apple slinging, rubber duck races, and baskets for free pumpkins!
It was too fun! We wondered
into the shops and found some fresh fudge, caramel apples and PICKLES!!
We got some cute family photos too!
take a look ↓

It was a wonderful weekend! One that we survived with love and strength :)
I am glad the date has passed and we can now fully focus at our tasks at hand!
Our follicle check is tomorrow morning and I am more than ready to head into
the 2ww zone! I hope and pray this time is a charm! :)
Have a lovely week my friends!


  1. Your incredible strength makes me cry every time. You two have done such an unbelievable job of staying strong and looking to the future with faith.
    That Farm looks sooooooo fun and I love all of the pictures of your GREAT In-Law Family!!!!
    Everything crossed here for some big follies tomorrow!

  2. Alexis!! What a sweet and sentimental weekend you had!! I am so glad to see you were smiling and showered with love! The ring from your mom is so, so pretty! And Scott is a sweetheart for surprising you with all of gifts and card!
    You always live life to its fullest and never take anything for granted...I admire that!
    Keep on smiling and lots of luck with your appointment!
    You never leave my prayers!
    Beautiful day @ the farm with family!!

  3. I'm sorry for the tough anniversary, but good luck at your check tomorrow!

  4. Looks like such an awesome weekend! You have such an awesome husband!! So Sweet!!

  5. You deserved every bit of that amazing weekend, and so much more! I am so glad you're surrounded by such a loving family...I am just counting the days until you have a take home baby to have fun with/take pictures with, too =) Good luck at your follie check tomorrow! Can't wait for the update!! XOXOXO~

  6. What a sweet husband you have girl! You're both lucky to have each other as the ying and yang to life. I'm really glad we were all able to be together this weekend - love ya!

  7. I'm sorry this date had to be such a difficult one .... It sounds like a lovely weekend that both commemorated and took your mind off your loss.

  8. Love all the photos and glad you had such a good weekend. Sounds like the perfect way to honor that special day.

  9. You motivate me and always make me manage a tear or two :) Im so proud of you...know you are a true inspiration!