Thursday, October 18, 2012

Surviving the 2ww

Beta is set for Nov. 1st. 
Exactly 14 days away! 
We triggered last night at 7pm and according to Dr. B 
we should ovulate somewhere in the 36 hour mark. 
Which puts us at 7am tomorrow morning! YAY! 
Anyways the trigger was good, I gave it to myself. 
today I am feeling a little blah and really sleepy!
 I invested in the soft cups!!! wooowhoo!
I went to walgreens at 11pm and bought the very last box!
I will admit I was super nervous to use them but it was a piece of cake!
I think they should be marketed toward ttc'ers!
So how we are surviving this 2ww!
Tonight my friend L and I are going to see Paranormal Activity 4..
I most likely wont sleep tonight
Hubs is bowling :)
Tomorrow night we have big plans to rip up the back carpet
and finish the final room with the hard wood floors!
We are listing our house March 1st!!! (post on that coming soon)
Saturday we are taking Waffles to the Bowoween Dog Parade
I made her a chicken costume! :D I will post pics below.
Saturday afternoon I am attending a surprise bridal shower!
Sunday we will be working on the floors and hopefully completing the project!
Monday-Friday we work and will be doing house projects in the evening.
Saturday we have a wedding to attend
Sunday more house work!
Monday-Thursday work
Thursday BETA DAY!!! Please AF stay away!
oh and I am NOT testing at all.
I don't even have one single hpt in my possession
I was tempted to buy some when I bought my soft cups but I stayed strong! lol..
Sooo here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure ;)

another great reason we need a baby...our dog now wears pajamas! lol.. 

These are hilarious! Fried egg candies, If I have to have another follie scan
I will be taking these to the girls at the office ;D

I finally got to wear a scarf! but later had to take it off because
it reached 71 in ohio! BLA! Come on SNOW! 


  1. Love the pictures! Wishing you a happy and peaceful 2WW!

  2. So I'm running out to buy Softcups today! I was on the fence, but since you said they are simple to put in I'm going to try it now. Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead!

    1. They are! A little intimidating when you see the size but they are pretty sweet! You can't even feel them and you don't have to walk around leaking for the next few hours lol..

  3. Those egg candies are sweet!!! My doggie wears clothes sometimes too:) Happy Thursday girl.

    1. Thank Goodness I'm not the only one who dresses my dog! lol she loves it most of the time but she hates those pj's and the chicken costume! haha!

  4. Look at you go crazy busy girl! That 71 degree day was nice but I am ready for fall to stay!!

    1. I know I love it! I hope my mind stays as busy as my body!

  5. Sounds like you have tons to keep you busy and distracted during your 2WW! Good luck!
    Oh, and it's freezing where I live...I want the snow to stay away!

    1. Ahhh we need to trade places!! I LOVE snow! but I was born during a blizzard so that could explain it :)

  6. I love your list for the next two is gonna fly by, and keep you busy with fun things to do and look forward to-perfect!! Omygosh, I love the pup in the pjs...I was just telling Steve I want to dress the kitties up. Lol! It's warm here too today and I actually can't wait for the chilly, rainy weather we have coming...clothes are so much more fun when it's cold!
    Wishing you a wonderful, exciting next two wks.
    And those egg candies are so good...I hope you don't have to bring them next month! :)

    1. Clothes are SO much better when it's cold!!! I hope I can leave those candies at the store too! Have a lovely weekend!! ;D

  7. You look so cute in that scarf!

    I seriously love the day by day distractions that you have that will get your through the 2ww. I think I'm on the cusp of the 2ww so we'll be able to ride the crazy train together!!!! EEEEK

    2 tickets for the 2WW express please!

    1. Thank You :) Yay a crazy train rider! put your seat belt on its gonna be a crazy ride :D

  8. I love that you always have great plans. I hope this two week wait is quick.

    I live in Illinois and I am so over the weather at this point. I just wish Mother Nature would make up her mind!