Friday, October 12, 2012

Bar Fly'ish?!

Out of no where I have this long bar fly hair.. 
and I have no clue how to wear it!
I have always been a medium length kinda girl.. 
but over the summer I just never cut it...and now it's a mess! 
This is how I wore it today :) 

Look how long! ugh. 

When it stays curled its not bad!
but when its straight.. I hate it, its all tangled and if I try and brush it out
I get a static mess that could start a fire!

Of course I had to color it again too, I mean the gray is out of control!

A side braid?! really?! It's too long..

Here are my reasons for keeping my lengthy locks
• I can pile it on top of my head secure with a tie and waaalaa cute hair..
• it makes my face slimmer.. my head it does
• Scott likes it long..
• It makes me feel younger..

Reasons to CHOP it OFF :) 
• I cringe when I think about blow drying it..
• I almost cry every morning I brush out the tangles
• I have a super duper sensitive head and I hate brushing my hair
• It's hard to give it volume..
• It takes 12 years to straighten and curl..
did I mention I wanna cry every time I brush it?!
ugh tangles!

Soooooo whats the vote?! 
Keep or Chop!?!
Or maybe just add some layers for volume?!

Thank you to all of you who commented on my post yesterday!!
I think I am going to invest in a soft cup tonight after work!
Wish me luck :-P


  1. I like it long, but you are cute both ways! It seems that your chop it list is a little longer so a cute cut might be best!

  2. I've always been more into long hair than medium-length hair (I finally chopped my hair off this summer a' la Ginnifer Goodwin - then I donated it to Locks of Love). :) But if it's really causing you pain, I think you should cut it.

  3. I love it long!! I'm always jealous of people who can grow their hair long-mine is fine and gets incredibly dry when I try to grow it out. I think your hair looks great:)

  4. I vote long - you can do so much with long hair. Wear it up top, on the side, in the back, etc... I let my grow too - I have always had it shorter but I am learning to love it long.

  5. I say KEEP!!! BEAUTIFUL And I love it in a side braid :) I'm so glad you are going to try out this new product for when I am ready to dive in again- our poor boys and what they put up with- LOL!!

  6. Long or long layers is my vote! Long hair suits you! You'll get used to it. But I totally get it. I have the curliest hair you have ever seen & when my hair dresser blows it out I never know what to do with it. Actually I just never know what to do with my hair ever! But yes! Long hair is a good look for you!

  7. Keep it!! Grow it out and donate it :) I'm working on that now. And, I too hate the long hair and the hassle, but it's worth it so some cancer patient can have hair :) Oh, and I have a ton of greys... grr!

  8. Keep it! Keep it! I have to admit that I'm a bit biased--I've always had really long hair--but I say live it up while you can! Once your little one comes along and wants nothing more than to grab fistfuls of your hair, you'll have plenty of time to chop it then =) Plus, I like the side braid on you!

  9. I vote for keep it or add layers! :) your hair is beautiful!! I get the urge to chop mine too sometimes and I just tell myself I will be chopping it in a year or so and probably keeping that way for a bit! Good luck with the Softcups!! I'm thinking about you!
    Happy weekend!

  10. I have been growing my hair out for years and it is finally long haha it is fun to be able to do stuff with it now! Enjoy it!

  11. Although we didn't get paired up for the sock exchange I'd still like to send you a wee package if that's alright with can reach me at: janetoffkilter at gmail dot com :)

  12. I think a cute short style is fun! I just chopped some off myself not too long ago. I really like it and I think it makes me look more mature which when you work at a University is a great thing because I felt like I was constantly being confused as a student - which isn't necessarily a bad thing AT ALL but I needed the faculty to take me more seriously.