Friday, June 15, 2012

Flashback Friday loaded with pics :)

Here is a look at this week! It was full of adventurers and excitement! :) 
Scott has a big project coming up at work and this is how 
I keep myself entertained on the nights he works late :)
Exhausted after a l.o.n.g. day of swimming :)

Little Miss Adorable taking a break

Little Miss Rotten taking a break!

T sitting in the shade with the baby!

my duty at the baseball game..protect babies head!
and keep him cuddly  
1st baseball game E.v.e.r.

he LOVED it! 

He even got a game ball!!!

see look!

Look at the dragon! 

Um..time FLYS! remember my 5th delivery?!
here he is! 1 whole month old!~
I think we found a new sitter for the boys! My little
baby cousin K! well I guess she inst so little anymore :(

The get a long like two peas in a pod!
He came out of his room like this! LOL..Watch out Pauly D!
A much needed night at the Tap room!
Strong. expensive.and...strong. 
Ready for bed! 

Have a Lovely Weekend Ladies! 


  1. I love all your pictures!!! Looks like you had some fun girly :)

  2. beautiful memories, alexis! you had the best job at the baseball game if you ask me! :) what a sweetheart...holding and cuddling sleeping babies is such an amazing feeling. the tap room looks like a fun place...steve is a little obsessed with beer...and that looks right up his alley!
    i'm glad you've been having great times with great people!
    i hope your weekend is relaxed and full of love <3
    thank you for all your support, pretty friend!!