Tuesday, December 27, 2011

6dpo..& I hate when people say that!

6dpo having some mild cramping
OK SO This morning...at work one of our employees that works at the front desk (very nice lady) says to me.."So when are you going to have babies?" I stood there for a moment trying to decide if she really just said that and then thinking of some really awful things to say then decided to reply with "well we have been trying for about 2 years"..she then said nothing. not another word, I continued what I was doing and walked back to the office. All the while another co worker was listening to this conversation and followed me to the office when the door shut she said "so hows everything going are you on any treatment yet?" (*first thoght was to scream its non of your business now leave my office!!) but instead I replied "yes we are doing treatment" in mid sentance she cut me off to say "well can I tell you my story? I was on all that for 6 months and one day I decided I didnt want to take the meds anymore so I quit and 6 months later I got pregnant on my own!" *PUKE* Not only was I not in the mood for that story at the time, I didnt want to hear it! and all I could think the whole time she was talking was OMG shut up before I SCREAM!!!  she is the 3rd person that has said that exact same thing to me...the well maybe if you quit the treatment it will happen? UH NO thats why I am on the treatment you idiot! because its NOT happening on its own!!! UGH I Am so over these stupid woman, I know they mean well but seriously, sometimes saying nothing at all is best. For example the lady at the desk who shut her mouth right away...but not the other one she had to tell me her whole personal journey that ended so happy and wonderfully for her...bla bla bla! 
I remember one time in college  I asked my friend when his sister was going to have babies and he replied "Never...she had a hystoratomy at 19" now how awful would that have been if I would have asked her? I learned my lesson then to never ask anyone that personal question. 
They will have babies when they are ready and when they CAN!

:) okay enough ranting! I am excited to say DH is back to a normal shift we woke up at 7:05am and practically sprang out of bed! weird I know..we are sleepers! but this morning was wonderful we both got ready at the same time in seprate bathrooms but they connect with a main wall so we can talk to each other :) pretty cool! we also left the drive way at the same time! I just love that LOL its the little things I guess! but his new schedual has me going in a whole hour earlier so I now get to leave at 3:30 every day! I am pretty excited about that!! 
Blogger friends advice needed...
My friend google says not to take baths durning your 2ww or the first trimester...is this true? I would ask my nurse but she doesn't like to call me back. So I am wondering if it really isnt good or if there is a specific temepature the water can be at to be "okay"? I really love my baths and we are just about finished remodeling the master bathroom which is the new home to my 6 jet tub! 
any advice would be helpful! Thanks in advance! 


  1. Just don't let the water go above 99. I bought a bath water thermo at Buy Buy Baby. I love baths too!

  2. Baths are FINE, just don't have the water piping hot, like hot tub hot (how many people take baths that hot anyway?) . As long as you're comfortable and not sweating, ie raising your body temperature baths are fine.

  3. I take baths and LOVE them! I say no worries as long as it's not too hot! :) Good luck!

  4. Awww, you and your husband sound so cute =) It's definitely the little things that make me happy too! I'm sorry about that woman and her unwelcome "words of wisdom." I hate stories like that, too. So unhelpful and frustrating. I mean, great that relaxation-and-no-meds works for some people, but clearly it doesn't work for everyone! I hope the rest of your 2ww is more enjoyable. Crossing my fingers for you!

  5. :) Thank you! I am trying my best to keep my mind else where! although tonight at dinner my uncle offered me a shot of jager then noticed I was drinking water and said "No beer?! are you trying to get pregnant again?" yeppp Uncle that sure is what I'm doing! LOL!
    but this time around I feel much more relaxed! :)

  6. Soooo funny. I also get asked when are Alexis and Scott going to have a baby?
    I usually answer "oh they've been thinking about it" In my head though there is a whole other answer going on. I want to say well she's been ttc with dh doing the bd on appropriate days as long as her follies are cooperating on ft. I would like to see the reactions to the abbreviations since most people have no clue what they are. lol
    I'm not most people though, I am the Mom of my best friend. Waiting with you, supporting you until my two favorite people in the world (except for your Dad!) are holding your much loved and long awaited miracle in your arms.