Monday, December 5, 2011

WTH is This...10dpo

Seriously...I have done a damn good job of keeping any shred of hope out of my head since my apt. informing me of my small follies..but we bd'd our way through the green days anyways...and just when I think I am in the clear of worrying for 2 weeks and peeing on sticks and googling the night away, the symptoms arise..while in Florida last week I woke up 4dpo if I really even ovulated..according to my bbt chart I did but who knows.
with very slight cramping which turned into heavy cramping by evening w/c cm..5dpo full on cramping..evening time had a stabbing pain in my left ovary w/c cm..6dpo slight cramping now boobs sore..7dpo cramps & soreness persist along with w/c cm. 8dpo same symptoms all day, this time stabbing pain in the right side comes and goes. 9dpo cramps & soreness along with w/c cm. 10dpo {today} all the same except now I am having very sharp pains back in my left ovary! what the hell!?  These cramps feel like when AF is here..not when she is on her way! when she is on her way they are about half of this and cm is sticky not creamy (sorry tmi) but seriously wth..I was doing so good on not peeing on a stick or goggling anything till this morning when DH said have you taken a test? Well no Its too early still..but after the word test came out of his mouth that was all I could think of course after work I stopped off at the good ole dollar tree and packed my cart full..rushed home and peed in a cup waited 3 minutes and looked a a stupid stick with one line. GO FIGURE.. I should have waited. I knew it. and I did it anyway now I don't know whether to be sad or mad or what..I am also going crazy wondering if all these extra symptoms are due to the clomid cycle I did this month?> has anyone else experienced pg like symptoms due to clomid? If so I would love to know so I can stop all this wondering and comparing to woman on google from 2006..ugh so frustrating! I guess I was just hoping and praying that 1 cycle would do it! blaa... 8 more days till AF is officially due to make her grand entrance..then on to cycle 2 i guess...


  1. Omgosh I'm sorry you're in limbo right now!! I never made it to ovulation while on clomid (my ovaries always stayed quiet all the way up until CD 17 or so, and then they put me on provera to bring on AF), but I would be just as confused by all the cramping. Could you call your doctor and just ask what the cramps could be? Is it possible that you could be ovulating now?? Ugh, IF is so frustrating. I hope you get answers soon--preferably in the form of a nice, strong second line. Praying for you!

  2. I think clomid did give me more cramps. I asked my DR about it and he said "that means its working". Well thanks Doc! Could you give more insight please! LOL -- praying for you!!

  3. Thank you girls for the prayers! Its so very frustrating! I wish they would invent some sort of at home device you can use to see what's going on in there from the beginning! Lol! I am keeping a good attitude even though I am frustrated because I know if I have to move on to cycle 2 my chances will hopefully be higher! Fingers crossed!