Friday, December 9, 2011

Paying It Forward...& Lots of Tears

The Expression "Pay It Forward" is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead. 
This morning I went to McDonalds to get a coffee and an egg McMuffin 
my reward for starting round 2 of clomid 
I was waiting in line, putting on my make up..I ordered quickly, then got to the window to pay...when I handed the lady my card she didnt take it, she just looked at me and smiled and said "The lady in the car in front of you paid for your meal and told me to tell you Merry Christmas" Que the tears! This poor McDonalds woman had to have thought I was nuts as I sat there in shock with tears streaming down my face..I finally muttered out a "Oh my! wow! Thank You!" as I pulled to the next window I looked up and the lady was gone, no where to be seen! I wanted to Thank her and tell her how she made my day! but I guess she didnt need a Thank You, she 
just needed to do a good deed for the day! I left the parking lot still in total shock (I guess I just thought the world has gotten so greedy and cruel that people like this didn't still exist) I called my mom and cried to her as I told the story! When I got to work I cleaned up my face and went in. I walked behind the counter and D one of our employees handed me a starbucks and said "Here I got you a coffee on my way in" Que more tears! I just couldn't help but cry! not loud sobbing just silent tears of Thankfulness! So I am now on a mission to do the same! I want to make someone smile all day like these two women did for me this morning! One little act of kindness can change a persons whole day! Does anyone have any "pay it forward" stories to share? I would just love to hear them! 

TTC Updates 
AF showed Wednesday so tonight I start my 2nd cycle of clomid 
•100mg Clomid •1000mg of Metformin •1 prenatal 
As for my Follicle check...I am supposed to be seen on CD11 which just happens to be a Saturday. So yesterday I called Dr. W's office and spoke with a receptionist who said she would have to talk to a nurse to figure out what day they would like to see me instead since the office will be closed. I gave them until 3:50 then I called...(I learned last time they close at 4) The lady says "oh they will be here until after 5 someone will call you back tonight!" Now its 3pm the next day still no phone call...I just called and got the recording that the office is currently closed! office hours on Friday are 8:30am to 11:30am! WHAT!? what in the hell kind of Dr. hours are those?! I will now have to wait the whole weekend till Monday when I can call and let them know how unhappy I am with their lack of care for when my follies are checked! Don't they know how crazy a ttc woman can be?! if not they will find out soon! Since I wont get to talk to the office until Monday and I start Clomid tonight I was wondering if anyone knows if I am supposed to take both pills at the same time? or one then wait 4-6 hours and then take the next one? if anyone has any thoughts on this I would love to know! I already asked my friend google and he gave me 2  answers...together and apart! so which one is it?! 


  1. I took both of mine at the same time. side effects were doubled but i took mine at night too so it helped!! good luck! i would be ubber upset with the DR also! hope it all works out for you.

  2. Thank you!! I have been taking them both together at night, its much better at night!

  3. I'm sorry your doctor didn't get back to you! I would be so unbelievably frustrated... I hope they have a pretty good excuse for you today! Good luck this cycle. I'm praying that this new round of clomid does the trick =)